Albert Villamayor Belond to the Walls Interview

February 28, 2017 by Laura Gomez


Albert Villamayor Belond to the Walls Interview

Name: Albert Villamayor

Age: 31
Birthday: 18/10/1985
College: Mechanical Engineer and Aeronautical Engineer

Car: Porsche 911 (993)
Sports: Skiing, Car Racing and Scuba diving
Racedrivers: Kimi Raikkonen

Travel: Philippines

Why do you decide to cross/move beyond the walls?
Well, someone can think it is a tough decision but it all depends on where you are, what you want, how bad you want it and what changes you need to implement in order to make it in the right way.
Sometimes the toughest part is to stay where you are and do nothing in order to change the feelings that are an outcome of a disappointing life based on your surroundings.

I guess that the answer to that question is, that I wasn’t on the right path and I had to make some changes. There is no right or wrong in that, but it definitely made a difference.

What reasons led you to decide to leave your country? One day someone told me that every day in your life you have to take some sort of risk, even if it is small, it will create some difference in everyday.You can even just decide to move from your couch, go downstairs and buy some groceries that could in turn lead you to meet someone that could potentially become your life partner or best friend… You never know. Or on the other hand, you can decide to leave everything behind and start a new life, no matter where!
Just to put an example. The first place that I move to without having anything planned, wasn’t decided. It was 100% destiny or luck or fortune! Putting 8 pieces of paper with a name of a city written on to a bag, and from then I picked up on which was the city where I was about to move and where I actually moved.

What obstacles have you encountered along the way? How long do we have? To answer that question I would need to write a book which may very well become a bestseller! As I said before, who knows, just keep the spark, keep taking risks and make decisions that will change your routine.
From being alone on the other side of the world, in the most isolated part at extreme temperatures, living day by day, having no place to sleep, no money, getting food from charity communities, scary encounters with wildlife in the woods… I could go on.

You could say that so far it has been worth it? Why? Everything that I have done so far has been worth it! I don’t regret anything. When at some point you think you took a wrong decision, eventually it becomes a good decision. Let’s just say that when something bad is happening, that takes you to another scene that can be great for you and you would never have been there without going through the previous situation. It’s all about perspective.

How is Dubai? Oh Dubai is great! I mean, looking back, I could say that this place should be called paradise!! Obviously it’s not, there are fantastic places around the world that are much better. However, the most important thing to consider is that you’re always ascending in life and for now I think I am doing pretty well in that aspect.
Dubai is a brand new city with a lot of money where nowhere else could afford to have such constructions, new investments, new technologies… come on, in July 2017, they will be the first city in the world to have passenger drones! That’s something that we have only been imagining and seeing in science fiction films, and it’s already here!

What you can expect in Dubai? Service, cleanliness, affordable luxury, thousands of activities, direct flights all over the world (the most connected city). The Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed had a vision, and he created it all from dust. I think what he has done is incredible; all the decisions made and where he wants Dubai to head in the future. It has to be very difficult to create this city year by year with all the previous restrictions that this region had in place, some of which still are. I have been in the Middle East only a short three years, and I have seen how year by year this city is having less cultural barriers and a more open mind to the rest of the world.

How can you learn about a culture and meet locals without speaking their language? Well, locals are only 10% of the population in Dubai. I think that that gives you quite an overview. Language? Majority of people speak English, however I could say that Hindi would be more worthwhile to understand whilst living in Dubai.

What’s your top travel tip? I don’t really have a specific one, I just want to travel everywhere as soon as I have some days off! My last destination was Philippines and probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Where would you most like to live in the world? That’s pretty obvious! Home is home, so I have to say Barcelona. We are always talking about the side where you have all the personal plenitude in your life.

What’s your dream job? I really like what I am doing so I couldn’t name another job that I would like to do more. However that all depends on the stage in your life. This is what I want to do right now, but maybe I will change my mind in a few years, who knows. The most important thing is do what it makes you happy, all the time. We are the only ones who have the power to make these changes.

What’s your favourite place so far? Barcelona! No doubt.

How many countries have you visited? Mmmmm not sure, around 40 I guess.

Which sports you do?
I love all motor sports, water sports, skiing, scuba diving and I also skate.

Where is the most amazing place you have dived?
Probably Philippines is the best place so far

Albert Villamayor