Alex Kavanagh Dronegear Interview

February 23, 2017 by Laura Gomez


Drones Art Interview

Alex Kavanagh, what is s Drone?
A drone to me is a unmanned aerial vehicle which captures video or pictures from remote control.

What you can do with a drone?
You can fly your drone almost anywhere below 400 feet to capture breathtaking images and video from perspectives previously only achievable by big production companies.

Can you tell us about your gear and drone setup?
My gear and set up: The drones I use vary from job to job, but I fly the Yuneec Typhoon H Pro drone which is a hexacopter, I also use the DJI Inspire 1 X5 PRO for medium sized productions, I also have an old school FreeFly Systems Cinestar 6 which is customised for aerial photography.


Do a drone need a drone insurance?
Does a drone need insurance: If you fly for commercial reasons you do need insurance to cover public liabilty and any damages to property/persons in the case of an accident.

Who are some of your favorite drone/aerial photographers?
Some of my favourite aerial photographers are Jay Daley who does stunning work with a serious drone set up for his Sony A7RII
My favourite aerial cinematography companies is Wild Rabbit Aerial, I love the professionalism of the Team, Drew, Katee and Nate really set the benchmark high when it comes to preparation, following the regulations and compliance and their work speaks for itself, Drew is one of the most experienced and talented pilots in the United States.

Why do you take photos?
I take Photos because I love travelling to new locations and capturing new perspectives, the journey from getting to the location is half the fun!

Who have you learned the most from?
I have learned the most from YouTube, it is an amazing place to learn and watch tutorials, at the beginning of this industry there was no specific school or place to go to for training, so the internet has been the best source to learn everything on drones.

What determined your passion for drones?
My passion for drones came from building houses, I was a carpenter and builder for 10 years where I built architecturally designed homes in Sydney. I then started to take photos of the finished houses we built. this then lead to pursuing other ways of taking images by building my first drone.

Were you always interested in Aerial photography?
No I wasn’t always into aerial pgotography and I definitely got into it later, in 2013.

What role or roles in the drone industry appeal to you most?
I would consider my favourite role is creating content, getting out there and shooting with the latest DRONEGEAR, whether it’s for a client, product review or tutorial, I love being behind the sticks flying the drone and on camera passing what I experience to our followers.

What’s the most important quality an Aerial photographer needs to have?
I think the most important quality an Aerial photographer must have is PASSION, if you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life!

Are there any places you wish could photograph from the air?
I would love to go to Antarctica to fly the drone, probably one of the most remote place to get to and capture the harshness and wildlife that call it home.

Can you share examples of how drones have been used in the real life?
One place I feel drones have been very beneficial for is documenting events, such as the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline at North Dakota.
I went to Standing Rock to support the Native American drone pilots as the police are shooting down their drones illegally, this was a life changing experience witnessing a militarised police using weapons against peaceful protestors.
These drones are watching over the peaceful protestors and protecting them, the Native pilots bless the drones before they take off and give them spiritual bird names like “High Hawk”.
So I feel this use of drones by civilians and journalists to document events and stream live in real time are very beneficial to the cause.

What will drones or drone technology look like in the future? I think drone technology in the future will consist of low altitude highways for unmanned and manned drones for personal transport, as the technology evolves we’ll see people inside fully automated drone vehicles that will talk to each other, have motor redundancy for safety and will be virtually risk free and fully autonomous.
This could be 10-20 years off, but on the way!

Alex Kavanagh
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