August 17, 2016 by Laura Gomez


Born 1982, Shawinigan, Qc, Canada. Lives and works in Montreal, Qc, Canada

Solo exhibitions:
PUZZLE, Galerie C.O.A., Montréal | 2016
Matière et Mémoire, Galerie Roccia, Montreal | 2015
Body of Land, Galerie Mirus, San Francisco | 2015
Chaos is a Dancer, Galerie Roccia, Montreal | 2014
Playing with Fire, Galerie Roccia, Montreal | 2013
La Vie Secrète de la Reine à Six Jambes, L’Illustre Galerie, Montréal | 2011

Group exhibitions and Art Fairs:
12X12, Galerie Abyss, Montréal | 2016
CONTEXT NEW YORK, Galerie C.O.A., New York | 2016
SCOPE MIAMI, Galerie C.O.A., Miami | 2015
MUTE, Galerie C.O.A., Montréal | 2015
Kick Flip, Galerie Abyss, Montréal | 2014
The Glamour of Italian Fashion, Victoria & Albert Museum, London UK| 2014
Consecuencias, Galeria Equilátero, Costa Rica | 2014
#smellslikememories : Maison Martin Margiela , SHOWstudio, London UK | 2014
The Looking Glass: Refraction through the Female Gaze, Mirus Gallery – San Francisco | 2013
Nathalie Trépanier, DAGE and Alexandra Levasseur, Galerie Roccia, Montréal | 2012
Rethinking Picasso, Picasso Museum, Barcelona | 2009
Digan rana y yo salto, Architecture College of Ferrol, Galicea, Spain | 2008
It’s my cup of tea, Espacio Barra de Ferro, Barcelona | 2008
Viñetas, Alliance Française, Costa Rica | 2004

Bachelor in Fine Arts and Graphic Design | University of Costa Rica 2002-2006
Postgraduate in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication | EINA School of Art and Design, Barcelona, Spain, 2008
Experimental Design | COMPLOT Creativity School , Barcelona. 2009
Major in Film Animation | Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University, Montreal. (2012- 2014)

Blairmore Foundation Scholarship | 2013
Turtle Creek Asset Management Scholarship | 2014

Artist Interview

Name: Alexandra Levasseur
Age: 34
Birthday: February 2nd
College: Concordia University, Eina Barcelona and Universidad de Costa Rica

Favorite Color:
Favorite Book: A Brief History of Time
Favorite Movie: Meshes of the Afternoon
Favorite Food: Vegeterian / Mediterranean
Favorite Quote: “All great art contains at its center contemplation, a dynamic contemplation.” — Susan Sontag

Why are you an artist, and when did you first become one? I never really decided to become an artist, I’ve been drawing and painting since I’m a child and never stopped.

Can we talk a bit about your process at the beginning of a project? How do you conceive of it? How do you build it in your mind before you start?
I usually work in series of a same theme. Once I’ve decided on the mood and the atmosphere and color palette of the collection, I start to take pictures for reference, of use some photographs I’ve taken in the past and construct a scene around it. Sometimes I find interesting body parts in magazines or books and give a new context to it. I make my sketches from there.

What’s the best advice anyone gave you? Don’t be lazy.

Do you suffer for your art? No

How would you define yourself as an artist? I mainly use art for myself as a therapy and to understand better the world that surrounds us.

What inspires you to work? Lately I’m very interested in Biology and Physics and Einstein’s relativist theory. I find that there’s no better (calming) way to try to understand Nature than by digging into all kind of fantastic theories there are (and the complementary scientific experiments). String Theory is another that had influenced my work a lot also.

You seem to use a lot of symbols in your work. Do your works tell stories or are they simply decorative elements of the project? I use the elements of Nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air to refer to human spirit and emotions. Symbols like lightning bolts also relate also to Nature, energy and science. The arrow represents the Fate.

What famous artists have influenced you, and how? Alain Resnais, Odilon Redon and Maya Deren for the surrealism and symbolism, Edvard Munch for the strong expressionism and emotions, Matisse and Gauguin for the representation of nature and colors.

What other interests do you have outside of art? Travelling, reading, take care of my dogs, vegetarian cuisine, dance and music.

You seem to be very aware of the history of works. Where do you see films, photo exhibitions, art perfomances today? Museums and galleries of Montreal (where I live). I mostly watch films at home. When I travel I usually take a couple of days to visite new museums and art galleries.

How would your life change if you were no longer allowed to create art? I would find a way to express my ideas differently, but it would be very hard.

What are your next projects? I’m working on a new short animated film and I have a couple of group exhibitions to come in the next months.