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July 11, 2017 by Laura Gomez


Set on Bali’s secluded southern coast, Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort is an exceptional sanctuary of ingenious design and rugged natural beauty that offers a unique way to experience the Island of the Gods.

Cascading down the cliffside, luxurious suites, pool villas and duplex penthouses blend innovation and indulgence with priceless Indian Ocean views. Relish lazy days at the cliff edge infinity pool, revitalising yoga and the pampering world of Anantara Spa, where signature rituals are inspired by Indonesia’s Spice Islands. Play golf on world class fairways with breathtaking views, some of the best among Bali resorts. Discover the thrill of river rafting and elephant safaris, and delve into colourful local traditions as you watch the famous Kecak dance in Uluwatu’s seaside temple. Take the easy route to the beach with our complimentary transfer to Padang Padang Beach. A surfer’s paradise, Impossible Beach is renowned for its incredible waves, offering the challenge of a fast long ride along Impossible Break and the daring world famous Padang Padang Tube, as well as easy take-offs at the nearby surfing beaches of Bingin and Dreamland.

Tantalising your taste buds, the finest local, international and fusion cuisine is served in poolside bliss and on a rooftop with 360 degree views of the rolling ocean and Bali’s mesmerising sunsets. While Spice Spoons Culinary Journey invites you to step behind the island’s traditional culinary scene with richly interactive cooking classes that begin with a vibrant market tour.

Experience the perfect hideaway for romantic relaxation, or live the dream of a unique beach wedding with a ceremony in our glass fronted sea chapel at sunset, celebrations on the cliff edge lawn and the ultimate honeymoon in paradise.

Top Surf Spots Around Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort

Bali`s most famous wave is on our resort’s doorstep, and the entry and exit point is the cave just downstairs from The Blue Point Hotel. This long left hander handles any swell size and is very consistent, though not a beginner’s wave as it is prone to strong currents that depend on the tide. Comprising a series of breaks to choose from on the Bukit Peninsula’s southwest tip, highlights include barrels at The Peak and the speed of The Racetrack, which ends in a multi-twisting barrel that should only be tried by the experts.

Conveniently located directly below Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, Impossible attracts surfers not yet advanced enough to handle Uluwatu or Padang-Padang’s heavy waves. Featuring two main take off points at the top and bottom sections, surfers are advised that the swell directions, sizes and periods here can be unpredictable. The long left hander needs a bit of swell size to work properly. On its smaller days it breaks in many sections that are usually hard to make, but when the swell gets bigger it can be a real gem with endless walls.

Five minutes from Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, Padang-Padang offers one of Bali`s heaviest waves. The short left hand break needs a bigger swell to work properly, but this is the place to head for big cavernous barrels or to hit the shallow reef. Professional surfers flock to this spot to catch the huge swells that form some of Indonesia’s most impressive barrels. However surfers must assess the tides, as during lower tides the end section breaks below sea level at the jagged reef. With potentially dangerous wipeouts, the challenging barrel is for advanced surfers only. On the right hand side of the channel, a short and mellow right hander awaits boarders during mid to high tide. Suitable for not-so-advanced and beginner surfers, this wave is sometimes referred to as Baby Padang.

Located at the end of the Impossible’s reef, though Bingin doesn’t produce a long wave, it does deliver perfect barrels that are clean and open. Best described as short, sharp and shallow, the tight take off zone is usually full of good surfers all trying to catch one of the tubes. At low tide the reef gets very shallow.


Ideal for beginner and intermediate levels, Dreamland is a prime spot for both longboarders and bodyboarders. On the left hand side of the beach you’ll find a mellow A-frame wave and on the right hand side a beach break-like wave that favours lefts. Dreamland is best surfed during low tide and medium swell. The reef underneath consists of round rocks. This is a wave well suited to not-so-advanced surfers. Usually the currents are not strong and chances of hitting the reef are low.

Balangan Beach

Another left hander on Bali`s Bukit Peninsula, this wave consists of two different sections: the Point which is a bit slower, and the section further down the line. Sometimes these sections connect to one long wave, but this only happens on larger swells. On smaller days this can be a fun wave for intermediate surfers and beginners. Due to the reef, surf boots are recommended, especially during low tide.

This wave on the south coast of the Bukit involves a long hike down many stairs to get to the water. It is easily blown out by the wind and picks up any swell around. The swell hits the reef out of deep water and produces mostly right handers.

Green Ball
Green Ball is a great place for spotting marine life. Located on the south coast of the Bukit with a long hike to the water, this wave picks up a lot of swell. There is a right hander on one side and a left hander on the other side of the channel. The bigger the waves get, the stronger the currents are. The wave is best surfed during mid to low tide, and can change from a nice mellow fun wave on a small day to a challenging beast on bigger days. Following the coastal road in the direction of Nusa Dua, there are a couple more surf breaks to find.

Nusa Dua
Nusa Dua is named after two small islands and features a couple of surf breaks. On the southern side of the southern island there is a short left called Black Stone. In between the two islands is Mushroom Rock. On smaller days you’ll encounter a fun right hander, and on bigger days a roaring monster. Best surfed during higher tides, these breaks tend to work better in the rainy season due to the offshore winds, and in the dry season these spots are easily blown out by the wind. These are the more well-known spots of the Bukit Peninsula, and there are plenty more to find for surfers who are willing to explore.

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