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For the sixth successive year, Opus Eventi presents one of the most highly anticipated art fairs in the Western sphere. From July 9th – 12th, 2015art enthusiasts and those lusting after luxury are invited to satiate their palettes at one of the most opulent global art shows to grace the French Riviera – Art Monaco’15.

Being hosted at the notoriously nicknamed “playground for the rich and famous”, Monaco’s cultural flavor will peak during the celebrated three-day art exhibition. Featuring some of the most globally sought-out artists and their accompanying artworks, all artists chosen to participate in Art Monaco’15 will be custom-picked by our experienced team of art critics. Complimenting the raw elegance and breathtaking beauty that the Principality of Monaco famously boasts, Art Monaco will once again provide a platform for attendees to experience only the most compelling and current work that the fine art world has to offer.


Art Monaco ’15 will act as a stage for established and emerging galleries alike, featuring studio artists from all over the world, each of whom bring their own unique voice to the exhibition. Inviting artists specializing in an array of fine art mediums, Art Monaco’15 will serve as a fully rounded exclusive social nucleus hosting some of the most influential figures in the global fine art’s industry.


Attracting art galleries, cultural institutions, art critics and collectors, Art Monaco has exceeded expectations and impressed those in attendance since its debut event in 2008. Offering over 4,000 art pieces on display for exhibition and sale, this is a prime opportunity to immerse oneself into a rich collection of global art either as admirer or as purchaser.

Art Monaco’15 is a fine arts exhibition that showcases work from a variety of artistic mediums, including acrylic, oil, and watercolor painting; sculpture; photography; antique displays; mixed media; as well as the hand-crafted work of jewelry and furniture designers.

Art Monaco’15 conducts a tight selection screening process of exhibitors and artworks to ensure the quality and excellence of the exhibition.

The Selection Committee, comprised of esteemed figures from the international cultural scene, will be responsible behind the selection of all pieces presented at Art Monaco’15. Maintaining a multi-layered approach in terms of the visual trends chosen to define this year’s fair, our team has agreed to choose galleries and artwork based on the artist’s ability to express and embody his personal artistic language as well as scouting new emerging talents that demonstrate a clearly defined creative potential.

Art Monaco’15 is an essential link in the international cultural scene, and is established as one of the most exclusive art events in the world.

The Principality of Monaco is an independent constitutional monarchy embedded in the beautiful French Riviera, nestled in between Nice and Menton, only 15 minutes from the Italian border.

The second smallest country in the world next to the Vatican, Monaco’s small 2.2km is densely populated at 32,000 inhabitants. A highly urbanized hotspot for the elite, the Principality of Monaco is favored due to its mild climate and good-fortuned weather gracing the country and its inhabitants with over 300 sunny days every year.

The Principality of Monaco is a cultural center known not only for its wealth but also for its cultural grandeur. Its phenomenal Monte-Carlo Ballet, the Monaco Philharmonic Orchestra, and the annual rendez-vous of the Spring Art Festival always delights the public with notable musical events welcoming the greatest Maestros. 

The two most prestigious events of the European Aristocracy, the Rose Ball and the Red Cross Gala, both hosted by the Prince of Monaco and His Family, are also contributing factors in making Monaco a highly glamorous and sophisticated destination. Now in its sixth year, Art Monaco ’15 is rapidly gaining acknowledgement as a renowned event for tourists and creative beings seeking artistic flair, making it a widely anticipated event for both locals and travelers.

Besides earning the recognition of being an artistic hub, Monaco is applauded for its prized sporting events, such as the Formula One Grand Prix, and the Tennis Masters, all of which occur around the same time as Art Monaco, dousing the Principality in infectious high energy and are regarded as the top tourist destinations.

The Prince’s Palace, the Exotic Gardens, the Oceanographic Museum as well as the Nouveau Musee National de

Monaco are cultural landmarks that will not disappoint.

 Official Language – French; English and Italian are widely spoken

Religion – 95% Roman Catholic

Currency – Euro

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