November 24, 2017 by Laura Gomez


Àsìkò is a visual artist who expresses his ideas through the medium of photography and mixed media. He was born in London, England and spent his formative years in Lagos, Nigeria and adolescent years in London.

His work is constructed in the narrative that straddles between fantasy and reality as a response to his experiences of identity, culture and heritage.

His project Layers was featured on the BBC and Huffington Post and exhibited at the South Bank in London. His recent project Adorned was recently exhibited at The Gallery of African Art in London and made up his first solo show at Rele Gallery in Nigeria. He currently creates works in London and Nigeria.

Apart from Gallery and Exhibition work, Àsìkò creates portraiture work for clients in the Fashion, Entertainment and Music industry.


· Solo Show Adorned series, Rele Gallery, Lagos, Oct 2016

· StyleFusion Adorned series, Gallery of African Art, London,Sep 2016

· Culinary Art Samsung culinary art exhibition,Rele Gallery,Lagos,May 2016

· Layers International Women’s Day, South Bank Centre, London,Mar 2016

· Layers Women’s Equality Party, London,Mar 2016

· Telling Stories Photomonth Festival, Rich Mix, London Nov 2015

· 125LIVE Drays Walk Gallery, Truman’s Brewery, London, Oct 2015

· The story within Piazza Covent Garden, London Aug 2015

· Woman Rele Gallery, Lagos Mar 2015

· Retrospect Temple Muse Gallery, Lagos, Nov 2014

· New Africa Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London,Jan 2014

· Fashion Art Drays Walk Gallery, Truman’s Brewery, London,Sep 2013



Photo Interview:

Name: asiko

Age: shhh, it’s a secret

Birthday: c’mon ……………

College: Brighton university

Colour: That depends on the day of the week

Book: That has changed a lot over the years, right now it’s Vanishing Africa by Mirella Ricciardi

Movie: I can’t remember the last film I that I loved, ok so this is not a film but I loved the Season 1 of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Food: I don’t really have one but I do love tasty healthy food

Quote: There are too many, I’m obviously not of one those people who has favourite things

For how long have been in photography? How did you start? I always had an interest in art but started taking photos about 10yrs ago for fun as hobby. In 2013 I started to take it seriously and it became a considerable cut of my income. I photographed everything from landscapes to people and ultimately decided to focus people driven narratives. I found I wanted more, it wasn’t just about pretty pictures, it was about saying something which is a bit of a journey in its own

How would you define yourself as an artist? That’s a hard question, I leave that everybody else

Where do you find inspiration? My inspiration is rooted in the world I inhabit, from the people I meet to the landscapes I encounter. I am also heavily influenced by cultural heritage as a Nigerian. The visual ques I picked up as a child are subconsciously prevalent in the work I produce and inform my visual aesthetic and narrative. As a kid I watched a lot of fantasy and read a lot of graphic novels, I daydreamed a lot and I believe it has affected what I create now.

All the things I have experienced seemed to have developed me into a conduit that funnels out images. That’s one of the things I love about art.



Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life today? I believe in a divine God and he is biggest inspiration of my work. His great acts of love in the world today are tent poles in my work.

What for you is the most enjoyable part of your photography? I love thinking up the idea or being inspired by something I see and then conceptualising it for a photograph. I love that my mind works in a certain way in creating photographs. I also enjoy putting a shoot together which I sometimes do for some of my clients. I enjoy working with other creatives to fashion an idea into reality. I also enjoy post production. Hmmmm ……….. It seems I enjoy most of the parts of the image making process.

Is Brainstorming not the only creative method use to create new concepts? I brainstorm my initial concept ideas by writing things down and mulling things over. Sometimes my sessions can take days or months, where I come back and think things over. I internalise a lot

Please could you tell us about photography and digital technology? For me photography has been a great tool to have internal and external conversations. It has helped me materialise my ideas and develop my creativity. I started taking photos digitally so my process is more digital age fast, however I love the look and feel of film photography and sometimes try and emulate it in my post production. I feel digital photography open up the world to photography and made it more accessible. Whether it is a good thing or bad thing I don’t know but it has helped my world.

What type of camera do you use most? A canon 5D mark 3

What is your favorite lens? I don’t really have a favourite lens, I am not a favourites kinda guy

some short questions now…

Describe your style: … Define yourself… I think that’s a hard question, I feel I know what my style is but I can’t vocalise it in words. I think I will just use words that I think might describe it; emotional, conceptual, poignant moment, texture, layered, imperfect, culture, identity

Museums: The Tate Modern, Gallery of African Art, National portrait gallery,

Cities: London

Travels: Thailand, Switzerland, France, New York, Chicago, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria, Belgium, Germany ………….. I need to travel more

Artists: Tim Walker, Yinka Shonibare, Peju Alatise, Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi

Music: Anything

Cars: I would love a Tesla about now

Drones: What are those ?

Mobile App: Instagram

Who are the artist’s you admire the most? Same as above

What are your next projects? If I told you, I would have to kill you

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