February 10, 2018 by Laura Gomez


Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa is an exclusive hotel located in the municipality of Tulum by the beautiful Caribbean Sea in Mexico. Located in the state of Quintana Roo on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. It is an ideal place to reconnect with oneself and spend time with loved ones.

Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa with its beautiful romantic villas is a place to go to find serenity and experience the beauty of nature in its purest form.It is an eco friendly resort that respects its natural surroundings.

At night your villa is lit by only the the light of candles, the reason for this is because it affects turtles nesting in order to not confuse the turtles on there way to the sea.
There are eight species of sea turtles in the world, and seven are found in Mexico. Turtles Season is from May to September.
Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa preserves the conservation of the sea turtles in the world making of Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa an environmental world, greener, sustainable and respecting nature itself. All their amenities are 100% natural.

Being in Azulik was like living a dream….

Diana Coss and me arrived at Azulik! The first night we were in the Maya Villa.
Maya Villa is located between the beach and the jungle, offering a discreet and private hideaway.
It has been a fantastic experience, the Maya Villa has everything one needs it is fully furnished with mosaic-tiles bathtubs and a beautiful patio with colorful hammock and two wooden chairs.


The first night where we discovered the whole complex of Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa. We dined at their bar-restaurant “Cenote”. After a delicious dinner we came back to Maya villa to sleep.
The next day we woke up at dawn with views of the blue Caribbean Sea of Mexico.

The second night we went to Sea Villa, a village located on the cliff’s first level, offering a wonderful location for indulging in unparalleled sunsets and sunrises. Sea Villa indoors and outdoor is dream! Sea Villa has there private outdoor terraces and incredible seaside patios, one with a round bed that swings and the interior is full of charming details. For instance traditional Mexican mosaic-tiles in their bathtubs (indoors and outdoors)



This one-of-a-kind “off-the grid” Eco-resort (no electricity, no TV, no phones, etc.) features 39 hand-crafted luxury Tree House suites, an organic café serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a beach bar serving fresh Sushi and cool tropical drinks. It also has Tulum’s premier holistic Maya Spa and Healing Center.

At Azulik, the pollution, noise and other distractions of the modern world completely disappear allowing adult couples to reconnect with nature and each other in a loving, romantic and meaningful way.
Each of the resort’s majestic wooden Tree Houses, made from Mexican Royal Ebony (Khatalosh), stand high above the jungle floor with spacious interiors, floor to ceiling windows offering plenty of natural daylight, super king size beds with mosquito nets, and custom made indoor baths, creating sensuous sanctuaries for couples seeking the ultimate tropical hideaway.
All accommodations have private decks with outdoor day beds and seating areas allowing for uninterrupted views of the lush green jungle and the azure blue Caribbean Sea, day and night.
A secluded, guest only “clothing optional” beach is accessed at the south end of the property and is perfect for sunbathing or swimming.
Accommodations range from intimate Jungle Tree Houses with partial ocean views to deluxe Ocean Front Tree Houses suspended high above the sea with spectacular 180 degree vistas of the Caribbean and the verdant Maya Riviera coastline.

Being in Azulik is living a dream!

A splendid attention to details … make guests live enjoy an unforgettable experiences. From the patio and the private terrasses one can enjoy the wonder of the Caribbean Sea!

Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa is wonderful, full of fabulous details, all villas are a dream, you forget the outside world and immerse yourself in your new “I” … “you become part of nature, sea, flora and return to being yourself.”

All its complexs, its Villas, its Spa, its corridors are built atop tree trunks.
It is a paradise hidden on the Caribbean Mexican Sea surrounded by majestic nature full of wealth and great value.

Azulik has its Maya Spa, where we take the energy of the sea and jungle of Tulum, focusing on the ancient Mayan tradition transmitting feelings and experiences full of love and serenity. A place where the healing power of plants, flowers, essences are used to enrich and restore the natural state of peace, joy, harmony and health.

AZULIK Maya Spa offers to their guests their special mexican ceremony called “Temazcal (Zum Pul Che)”.Temazcal (Zum Pul Che) (later known by the Aztecs as Temazcal) is a steam bath traditionally used by Mesoamerican cultures within a special spherical structure. The room represents the mother’s womb (dark, warm and humid). It is linked to the idea of “purification.” In this sense, it cleanses the body, mind and spirit.
Medicinal herbal tea is tossed onto hot volcanic stones to generate steam. Four doors are designed through which more stones are added. Through these doors the shaman guides, as they symbolized the human life: childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. It also works with the four elements, four seasons and four cardinal points. The ceremonies intention is to reconnect us with our emotions and ancestors through the stones called “grandmothers.”
Whoever takes a Temazcal (Zum Pul Che) is known to have been born again and purified from the mother earth’s womb.
They offer special ceremonies for honeymooners, ceremony pre-wedding or for couples wanting to reconnect. The flora and fauna of the Mexican Caribbean and more specific in the region of Tulum is one of the most beautiful in the world. At Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa you can see the vibrant colors of birds and different species of butterflies as well as marine life thanks to the great reef that we have right on the coast, one of the largest in the world.
In Azulik in the center there is a large underground “cenote” during the rain and as a result of which the water level rises creating something amazing, Humedal.
A “cenote” is alive and thanks to this lush jungle can live in water, it is also is a meeting point and sprue for animals in the region from rodents and raccoons to the majestic jaguars.

At Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa one experiences the miracle of mother earth so we feel fortunate to have her as it is not a simple accumulation of water if not a natural wonder that corresponds to a unique life cycle in this paradise in the Mexican Caribbean.

Relax and let yourself be seduced by the fantastic Mexican Caribbean Sea from one of their exclusive villas. An ideal place to reconnect with your partner, yourself and nature.

AZULIK Villas –

Each of their Villas has a specific location so you can fully enjoy this special place, the way you like! The Villas are built using the same oval shape than the Mayans used to build their villas. Each Azulik Villa have outdoor private seaside terraces and incredible patios, one with a circular swinging bed,… indoors has perfects and charming details… as the typical Mexican mosaic-tiles in their bathtubs indoor and outdoor.
A splendid attention to details… make guests live an unforgettable experience from the patio and the private terrasses one can enjoy the wonder of the Caribbean Sea!

Discover the unique Honeymoon Villa: Ocean front. A 3-story space and the only one of its kind, offering relaxation and serenity to inspire seduction.

Sky Villas: 9 Sky Villas … Ocean front, set atop the cliff, offering the highest location for enjoying amazing views of mother nature.
Luxury Sea Villas: 7 Luxury Sea Villas …Ocean front. A selection of clifftop villas with big outdoor tubs.
Sea Villas: 2 Sea Villas …. located on the cliff’s first level, offering a wonderful location for indulging in unparalleled sunsets and sunrises.

2 Mayan Luxury Villas oceanfront, situated on the first level for stunning views, boasting direct access to the beach.
2 Aztec Luxury Villas oceanfront, situated on the second level for stunning views.
2 Mayan Luxury Villas Partial view: located between the beach and the jungle, offering a discreet and private hideaway with an outdoor tub.
2 Aztec Luxury Partial View: located between the beach and the jungle, offering a discreet and private hideaway with an outdoor tub.
6 Aztec Villas and 6 Mayan Villas: located between the beach and the jungle, offering a discreet and private hideaway.

They use wood from the region to build them. And by being an ecological resort, they pay close attention to the following:
They have built all walkways over bridges in order to preserve the natural environment. During the construction process, they didn’t cut a single plant or tree; they built around them!



The buildings were made with local wood, always caring for the environment and respecting nature.
They have a water treatment system that filters water when it leaves the bathtubs and uses it for watering plants.
They support eco movements like “Say no to straws”, and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to conserve the environment.

To keep their atmosphere of romance and serenity It only allows two people per Villa, singles and gay couples are welcome, clothing is optional
But they do not accept minors.

For ecological preservation on the beaches, they do not allow pets in the hotel.

Azulik Eco-Resort and Maya Spa … Come and be natural!


Carretera Tulum Ruinas Km.5
77780 Tulum, Quintana Roo, México
Info Hotel: +52 984 871 2274
US/Canada: 1 866 471 3472
México: 01 800 681 9537
Internacional: +54 11 5984 1575