Bojan Jevtic

December 7, 2015 by Laura Gomez


Bojan Jevtic , artist from Belgrade, Serbia ,born on February 1972.

Artist of the Day or Featured Art portfolio on many Art websites like Saatchiart, Onlyunique, Artfido, Shadowness, ….. and published in a lot of magazines and online publications …etc.

My artworks are made from digital photos, with textures and computer effects and digital painting .
Camera is not the most important in my work. Photoshop is that in which I’m working on photographs of symbiosis models and of nature or objects in generally.

I try to keep my works creative and different, and I constantly explore something new , enjoy in that when creating of artworks.
School Education: First Belgrade Gymnasium

Favorite Color: I love all colors, .. red, …, blue, orange ….all ..
Favorite Book: “MAGIC OF BELGRADE” or something else from Momo Kapor (he was a Serbian novelist and painter, very popular in this region .
Favorite Movie: maybe “Balkan Spy” ( Serbian”Balkanski špijun “ ) ; comedy, drama film directed by Serbian directors Dušan Kovacevic and Božidar Nikolic.
Favorite Food: sometimes Italian, sometimes Serbian .. sometimes something totally different
Favorite Quote: Every day I have a different quota

How important is an awesome website for your business?
very important

Where do you find inspiration?
In my mind, I love creativity

List of your clients? My collectors are from all over the world

What are your next projects? I’m always working on something, I like it .