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December 30, 2017 by Laura Gomez


Taiwanese born Chef Andre Chiang started his culinary career when he moved to the south of France at the age of 15. After 15 years of training under the masters of French Nouvelle cuisine such as Pierre Gagnaire, Pascal Barbot, Jacques & Laurent Pourcel, and Michel Troisgros, today Chef Andre is one of the most influential Chefs in the World.

Chef Andre has researched how our capacity to taste food is influenced by our memory banks, through the personal experiences we acquire over time. This has led him to develop a culinary principle – OCTAPHILOSOPHY – based on eight primary characteristics: Unique, Texture, Memory, Pure, Terroir, Salt, South and Artisan – the backbone of the creative process at Restaurant ANDRE. The OCTAPHILOSOPHY book is one of the most beautiful books documenting this spontaneous style of cooking and creation in 365 days at Restaurant ANDRE.



Restaurant ANDRE was recently ranked #14 World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2017 and has been on the coveted list since opening in 2010. Joining Restaurant ANDRE at #2 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 and Best Restaurant in Singapore, are his restaurants Burnt Ends Singapore at #10, and RAW Taipei at #24 and Best Restaurant in Taiwan.

Restaurant ANDRÉ welcomed its first guest in October 2010. An intimate three-storey heritage shop house was built around 1930, situated in Bukit Pasoh road offering 30 seats everyday. Restaurant André sees the illustrious chef continue his focus on using fresh artisan produce selected by artisans daily to create spontaneous culinary art that reflects his roots in Southern French nouvelle cuisine.



The restaurant is also a showcase for Chef André’s artistic talents, especially his passion for pottery. The chef draws inspiration from his delicately crafted plates, chairs and art pieces which are on display throughout the restaurant.



Restaurant André is not only the best restaurant in Singapore but also carries the legacy of another history of Singapore, and the best kept secret of the restaurant where the original building was called “Laycock & Ong”, the very first law firm in Singapore that Mr. Lee Kuan Yew – Singapore’s most respected Mentor Minister used to work as a lawyer.



Unique, Pure, Texture. Memory. Salt. South. Artisan. Terroir. These are the eight most important words in Restaurant André. They are the backbone of everything that is created at Restaurant André. From a single dish to the restaurant’s overall philosophy – Octaphilosophy – is our method of encouraging and managing the creative process, and a principle to live by.



Octaphilosophy has been developed as a tool to explain a dish. At Restaurant André there are no starters or main courses but all dishes are there for a reason and all are equally important. Each dish is built up around an Octaphilosophy concept and finds its ultimate expression in the dining room setting.



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