KLASSIK ART GALLERY Close up of “Do It For The Pom-Poms” Holly Albright

December 18, 2017 by Laura Gomez

KLASSIK ART GALLERY Close up of “Do It For The Pom-Poms”
Artist: Holly Albright

Materials: Acrylic/Charcoal/Oil Pastel/Watercolor
On Watercolor Paper. Unframe, Original.


Price: by email – Laura Gomez to lauracig@gmail.com

Ships in a cardboard box
Shipping included

About Holly Albright:

Holly Albright graduated from St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London where she honed her artistic and sartorial skills whilst living in the style capital of the world. She could not fail to be inspired by the music, history, art and culture which surrounded her there, which continue to inspire her paintings and artwork.

To add to that is another side of the city — of any city — the shady characters of the clubbing underworld and of dive bars… the dark desires of magnetic yet narcissistic strangers… the shadowy glamour of a social scene that all too often seems seedy in the cold, stark reality of daylight. The interplay between the sexes, the yin and yang, the ego and id, the smoke and mirrors — it all fascinates her. Her inner world sculpted by her personal experiences influences everything that she does.

Holly’s paintings are like stream-of-consciousness dreamscapes — hallucinatory experiences which evoke (but by no means approach the genius of) Klimt, Schiele, Picasso, Dali, Magritte, Basquiat and LaChapelle. Their trademark styles are imprinted on and recognized by the collective psyche; high art meets pop art. Hitchcock, 90s supermodels, Gatsby, film noir, Betty Page, Louise Brooks, taxidermy, pulp fiction, the pinups of Gil Elvgren, Blade Runner, burlesque — all seem to infiltrate the imagery of her work, whether it’s illustration or large-scale painting.