April 16, 2016 by Laura Gomez


Photo Interview:

Name: Daniele Cascone

Age: 38

Birthday: 25 September

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Book: “One, No One and One Hundred Thousand” by Luigi Pirandello

Favorite Movie: “Persona” by Ingmar Bergman

Favorite Food: Pizza

For how long have been in photography? How did you start?

I started with photography in 2006, after several years of experimentation with digital art. It was a natural

evolution of my conceptual and stylistic research.

How would you define yourself as an artist?

I don’t define myself; I work with photography and I make conceptual images, but I don’t know if I am an

artist, a photographer or something else.

Where do you find inspiration?

I have many interests, so I always keep my mind active with movies, books, music, travels and much more. I

don’t know if this can inspire, but it’s important to find the energy and the focus required to create new


Is Brainstorming not the only creative method use to create new concepts?

I am a mixture of instinct and reason, so I give a lot of importance to the planning of a creative process. But I

am also instinctive and I follow inspirations of the moment, and change my ideas at the last minute.

Please could you tell us about photography and digital technology?

Although I am passionate about photography thanks to the widespread technology, I am not a technology

fetishist. I like to discover new possibilities of expression, but when I reach a satisfactory level in my work, I

keep those tools for a long time, without chasing new equipment or new purchases.

What type of camera do you use most? What is your favorite lens?

I use a full frame reflex and my favourite lenses are 35mm and 50mm.

What are your favourite three images you have shot recently?

I think “Ordered stack of bodies and stuff”, “Double death” and “The gift”. These three images, which are

different each other, summarize what I have worked on in this recent years.

What’s the most important quality a photographer needs to have?

The ability to feed a vision and translate it into image.

Which of your projects has given you the most satisfaction?

One of my most popular works is “The dry room”, but the project that really satisfies me is “The inner room”,

it took a year and a half of work and I completed it a few weeks ago.

Who are the photographer’s you admire the most?

There are so many! I admire great masters, even far away from my style, as Irving Penn or Diane Arbus. As

closer to my style, I follow a lot authors like Roger Ballen and Joel-Peter Witkin.

What are your next projects?

I am planning several series of images at once. I came to a point where I need to change and experiment

with new visual solutions. This requires careful planning before I retake the camera in my hands.