Diana Contreras

August 9, 2017 by Laura Gomez


Diana Contreras (b. Peru, 1981) has established herself as an influential Miami artist. From painting murals in the Urban Art scene to exhibiting canvas pieces in galleries, her work has been seen in exhibitions and private collections in several parts of the world including Street Art Dubai Gallery in Dubai.

Contreras‘s primary medium is oil, and also enjoys experimenting with anything she can get her hands on. From canvas, walls, stickers to shoes, her work embodies femininity and always sets her characters in whimsical portraitures. Her distinct style emerges from her love of classical techniques infused with her passion for illustrations and street murals.

Contreras received her B.S. in Art Education and a Post-Graduate of Art in Education from Florida International University. She also studied abroad in Florence, Italy where she focused on Art History. Additionally, Contreras was enrolled at the Art Students League of New York in New York City.
Artist Interview:

Name: Diana “Didi” Contreras

Age: 36

Birthday: 2/4/81

College: Florida International University and MDC

How would you define yourself as an artist? Painter

Why art? How did you get involved with art? I have always loved art since I was a kid. I would do art shows but I didn’t have an art career until I started doing murals.

What art do you most identify with? I love pop surrealism and art with a lot of emotion!

What does “being creative” mean to you? Being creative means doing things differently, thinking outside the box.

What’s the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative? Be more creative by creating every day.

What are you trying to communicate with your art? I want to make the viewer feel an emotion.

What do you see as the strengths of your pieces, visually or conceptually? I feel that the strength is more visually. I would like to strengthen my work conceptually.

What themes do you pursue? I pursue themes of beauty, love, and empowerment.

What inspires you to work? My personal experiences, pop culture, and travel.

Color: Hot Pink and Yellow

Book: the Bible

Movie: Amelie

Food: Lomo Saltado

Quote: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”. Anais Nin

Can we talk a bit about your process at the beginning of a project? How do you conceive of it? How do you build it in your mind before you start? When I begin a public art piece I think of the neighborhood first. I think what would the people relate to? When I create my personal work I think of what’s in my heart. What would make me happy? What do I need to let out?

What Role does the artist have in society? Artists role is to inspire and to use their influence to make the world better.

Do you suffer for your art? I don’t do it on purpose but pain drives me to create. Also, I spend sleepless nights to finish my work especially when I am in the zone!

What do you think about the art community and market? I think the art community is great! It’s a mutual respect.

Should art be funded? Why? I think that it should because then artists can make more great works of art and not have to worry about money.

What famous artists have influenced you, and how? Frida Khalo comes to mind because she was the first female artist that I learned about. I love that she was so raw with emotion. That she turned her pain into art. She was vulnerable and fearless in her art and I hope that’s what I can do.

What other interests do you have outside of art? My first love was dance! I grew up taking ballet, jazz, and tap. I enjoy watching dance competitions like “Do You Think You Can Dance”.

You seem to be very aware of the history of works. Where do you see films, photo exhibitions, art perfomances today? I like that people are not waiting around to get picked up by someone but are doing it themselves. I think the arts are becoming more diverse because of it.

How would your life change if you were no longer allowed to create art? I think I would feel lost and frustrated.

some short questions now…

Colours: Florescents

Textures: squishy

Describe your style: “Define yourself”… femimine with some urban spice

Define your art: makes you happy

Art Fairs: Art Miami, Basel

Museums: Met, Guggenheim

Cities: Florence

Travels: Italy, Greece, India, Thailand, Peru

Artists: Miss Van

Music: the Cranberries

Cars: beetle

Drones: love it

Mobile App: “Baby Sparks” it shows me what to play with my baby

Who are the artist’s you admire the most? Julia Rivera, my mentor and first full time artist who befriended me.

What are your next projects? Solo Show and more murals around the world

Define KLASSIK MAGAZINE for the audience? Awe-inspiring platform to discover international artists, open mind international point of view of haute culture and extraordinary accurate selection
of all the guests invited to be part of Klassik Magazine. It is an honor to be part of Klassik Magazine. Admirable!