GO WEST! Cutting-edge creatives in the USA

October 25, 2016 by R A Z G O


Edited by Patrice Farameh Design by Meiré und Meiré
Text in German and English
Hardcover in slipcase
24 x 28 cm, 384 pages
55,00 ¤ | 75,00 $ | 50,00 £
ISBN: 978 – 3 – 942597 – 13 – 5


A creative journey through the USA

These are the creative minds that roll back new horizons. The quest for what has never been thought or seen before spurs on the pioneers of innovation. In a world preoccupied with economic crises and sovereign debts, these restless spirits see global challenges as the springboard to jump off into the new. Along the New York – Chicago – Los Angeles axis are centres of the American creative industries that are fully aware of their weighty responsibility for a better world. In GOWEST! editor and lifestyle expert Patrice Farameh profiles sixty out-standing new creatives on this vibrant scene – showcasing them both in pictures and in their own words. The Advertising section focuses both on traditional firms such as Young & Rubicam and on newcomers such as King & Partners or the Deutsch agency which created ‘The Force’ for Volkswagen, a campaign that scored a lasting sensation.


This 384-page lavishly-illustrated book is all about this creative vanguard. Their innovative angles take a pro-active approach to crossovers between advertising, architecture, art, design, fashion and photogra- phy. Artists like Terence Koh – of whom Lady Gaga said after a recent joint project, “When I’m around Terence I just want to poop out art ideas nonstop” (ArtForum) – cannot be confined to a single category. They think globally, and the world is the stage they move on. Swedish-born Thomas Meyerhoffer revolutio- nised surfing design in California, and Karim Rashid, who grew up in Canada, went on to a breathtaking career as a designer in New York.


To this day New York is the heartland of American fashion design, though top labels like Christian Siriano or Prabal Gurung are feeling the competition from Los Angeles in the revealing clothes of Brian Lichtenberg. And all of the creative arts merge in a persuasive symbiosis in the medium of photography. Here it’s the work of women such as Holly Andres, Sara Vanderbeek and Shirin Neshat that is making the running.


The creativity in this sumptuous compendium is also present in the fresh and attractive layout of the book itself, created by Meire? and Meire?. Andrea Diaz, whose background is in music, has realised the concept so deftly that the form of the book matches up to its theme. Till the very last page it is a thrilling publica- tion brimful of vitality and creativity. So, go west and prepare for a revelation!