LASARTE Restaurant 3 Michelin Stars

November 27, 2017 by Laura Gomez


3 Michelin stars 2017 with the Chef Martin Berasategui and Chef Paolo Casagrande.

Lasarte Restaurant opened its doors in January 2006. In the recently presented Michelin Guide 2017 it has been awarded 3 stars.

Lasarte is much more than the chef Martín Berasategui‘s gastronomic commitment in Barcelona. It is a project with soul seasoned with the best professionals to form a team that manages to earn with each smell and flavor the satisfaction of its guests.

After an exhaustive reform carried out recently, the new Restaurant Lasarte surprises for its much more modern and avant-garde look with more spacious and bright spaces.

The project of rehabilitation has been the work of the architects Oscar Tusquets, Carles Bassó and Tote Moreno and the interior design is a collaboration of Oscar Tusquets and Mercè Borrell. The emphasis on light, textures with a predominance of oak and the selection of furniture, have been the main basis of the entire project to give the restaurant a unique personality.

The restaurant has a semiprivate room in the main dining room and a second private dining room, called the Chef’s Table with capacity for 8 people -located in a loft above the kitchen with glass wall that allows you to closely follow all the staging and creativity of the dishes.

“Our main objective is to create an unforgettable gastronomic experience … comme il faut.”
Lasarte restaurant



Martin Berasategui, Paolo Casagrande & Joan Carles Ibáñez: harmony and illusion under the same atmosphere.

Paolo Casagrande is our head chef. With the illusion that characterizes it, it combines the star dishes of Martín Berasategui with innovative proposals created especially for the Lasarte. His career is deep, constant and based on effort.



Joan Carles Ibáñez and his team are the ambassadors of the kitchen in the room, to attend and create the harmony that fills the space, as if they were a silent orchestra, where each instrument is important to intone the best gastronomic experience.

– Head Chef: Paolo Casagrande
– Room Director: Joan Carles Ibáñez
– Maître: Antonio Coelho
– Sommelier: Marc Pinto



Restaurant Lasarte
C/ Mallorca, 259
08008 Barcelona (España)
Tel: (+34) 93 445 32 42
Fax: (+34) 93 445 32 32

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