Loïc Lapèze Muay Thai Fighter & Triathlete Iroman Races Interview

February 12, 2017 by Laura Gomez



Name: Lapèze-Digianantonio Loïc

Age: 29yo

Birthday: September 4th 1987

Favorite Car: Mercedes G500 Brabus
Favorite Sports: SUP Surf, Boxing, running, triathlon, motorbike
Favorite Beaches: Lorient – St Barths, but for real I don’t like to go and stay on the beach doing nothing if I go to there it’s for surfing, swimming and sometimes rarely to please a girl. Ha ha

How did you get into Muay Thai Fighter? After a long period of being a Basketball player in France I decided to quit everything for the passion have always had. Martial Art

Why you do Muay Thai Fight? For the spirit, the challenge and because I think it’s an amazing and beautiful art. I used to be a turbulent kid I always needed sport and confrontation, the
muay thaï helped me a lot to understand what respect mean.

At what point did you know Muay Thai Fighter was going to be more than just a hobby for you? At the first time I put my gloves on. I knew it was something that I wanted to do since ever but basketball was really important in my life; I was in a special sport school where the time was manage for us to practice our sport.

What do you feel when you are in the ring? Fear, Exiting, Determined, but it’s really hard to describe it. I feel also really important and satisfied with having given everything I had in me.

Could you give some Muay Thai Fighter tips? Humility, respect, pride, good behavior

What do you think you would want to be if you weren’t a Muay Thai Fighter? I would love to be a professional surfer, I wish I learned that in my childhood.

Which is more important in Muay Thai Fighter– a strong body, lower body, or ? It’s important to control and understand your body but also to respect it; you can be short or tall, skinny or bulky, you have to be smart and use your head to enjoy fully your skills.

Describe your best experience? When I won the French cup in 2007 in Paris, all my friends was there encouraging me, pushing me to win those fight it was just exceptional, I still have thrill when I think about it.

Do you ever fight outside of the ring? Of course it’s happened and I’m not proud of it because it mean that I wasn’t enough smart to control myself and I had to use my body instead of my brain.

You are working a lot as Ironman races; can you tell more about it? I’m not fighting much anymore I do endurance races especially Ironman which is triathlon long distances. 3,8k swim, 180k bike, 42,195k run. There are races all over the world and the goal for most of racer is to be qualifying for the final of the world championship in Hawaii every years in October.

You are specialized in posturology too. Absolutely it’s actually the based of my work.

“Posturology is the study of the entire postural system. It explores the relationship between how the human body affects posture, and how posture reflects the function of many components of the body. When there are postural distortions or inequalities, it may lead to chronic pain.”

Why is Posturology important for Neurosomatic Therapist? Because bad Posture is the base of many physical disorders, working on the posture help your entire life physical and psychological. It will be really long to explain how good it is and why everyone should be interested by it. You can easily eliminate Muscle Spasm; increase flexibility and mobility, restore proper Biomechanics to avoid the daily little pain. And of course you will Increase your Muscle Strength, your Muscular Endurance which really useful to feel good in our life.

Posturology could be considered as sports medicine? Not at all but more as a real medicine, and even better if you associate it with a smart physical activity. After that forget your doctor or therapist, I’m sorry if you like him but you’ll never need it again, beside it you have to learn about your body. No one knows better than you what is good for your body. Take the time to live in full awareness and things going to be better for you.

Tell us about The Human Balance System? That’s not a basic question we need 5 pages to answer… The human system balance is a really complicated association of systems, if they are disabled your body will have to compensate somehow. It mean you will use and loosed energy for it, you’ll feel more tired and everything will be a little harder. At one point you’ll be less happy because you are tired people around you will feel that so your relation will be disturbs, it will have an impact on your professional and personal life. But wait because beside created psychological problems it will create also physical problems. This is not insignificant, pills never help people for long or they need to take more. Try to find the origin of the problem it’s a smart approach sometimes harder but it’s worth it.

Who are the sportsmen or sportswoman’s you admire the most? I unfortunately don’t have any idol or people I follow because they inspire me. If I have to say something I will choose Mike Tyson for what his represents, Bruce lee for his skills. But I’m more inspired by people who fight for a cause especially when it’s about environment, human respect, kids…

What do you want your viewers to take away from your work? Something simple, I want them to be Happy, to Respect each other, hopefully to be inspired by what I’m doing and the way I’m doing it.

DEFINE KLASSIK MAGAZINE for the audience? Really cool!