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July 12, 2017 by Laura Gomez


“The dream has always been to open a place that is more than just a restaurant” says Will Meyrick, the executive chef and innovator behind Bali’s success story Sarong restaurant.

An environment where people can feel comfortable”, Mama San is for anyone who likes to lounge in style and eat quality South East Asian food without it being too expensive.

At Mamasan you can step into colonial Britain in Shanghai during the 1920s, with marble top mah-jong tables and oversized tan leather chester?elds, in a purpose designed industrial high ceiling warehouse. Gaze up to Mama San in all her glory staring down at patrons while dining and ponder over a travelogue of old style photographs. Colorful displays of retro inspired ?owers tower up to vintage clocks and a Chinese patterned mirror. A feature of the ground ?oor interior are two staircases either side of a service bar that climb a brick wall to the second level.

The Mama San dining rooms are fully air-conditioned, the ground floor seats up to 70 at any one time and is open for lunch at 12pm – 3pm and for dinner from 6pm – 11pm. Reservations are recommended for lunch and essential for the dinner service while upstairs the bar and kitchen serve from 6.30pm until late.

On Mama San’s second level a redesign of space introduces interactive dining that includes dialogue with chefs who prepare food in the style of bartender, engaging diners on their preferences and offering suggestions. The setting is intimate yet modern with a flow between creator and consumer, between kitchen and table and between dining and drinking. Cocktails designed to compliment the food and stimulate the appetite are drawn from the classics, served with a slight twist in specially designed crystal glass.

Conceived to offer diners the next level of sophistication in modern dining brings innovative ideas together with a curated menu that introduces the flavors of Asia interwoven with distinct hill tribe influences.

Much of the inspiration for Tasting Club menu derives from the extensive epicurean travels taken by Executive Chef Will Meyrick and the dedication to innovation and perfection from Chef Shannon Smerdon. The menu exalts a culture of cuisine craft where textural elements are as important as taste and visual delight is as vital as quality produce.

Mamasan Tasting Club
dishes reflect the increasingly high quality produce available in Bali and offer a unique insight into the complexity of flavors associated with regional cooking of Sichaun, Shan and Hmong provinces.

Hujan Cooking Class portrays Hujan Locale‘s philosophy of introducing local produce to a wider audience. Their have been developing our relationships with local farmers utilizing their produce in our restaurants over the past years. In honouring these relationships, they would like to invite you to be a part of a authentic Balinese life through a day trip that combines scouring a traditional market for fresh ingredients, easy cycling, traditional craft making, cooking class conducted by their renown chefs and a few more exciting activities.

The location of Mama San is where all roads meet, the junction of Eat Street, Oberoi Road, Sunset Road and the main Seminyak thoroughfare. Driving guests are offered valet parking.

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