Marina Dieul

January 20, 2018 by Laura Gomez


Marina Dieul was born in France. She showed great interest in painting and drawing from an early age, and her family encouraged her vocation. In early 2000, she moved to Montreal, Canada, where she now lives. She has since studied with Tim Stotz and Michelle Tully, former students of Ted Seth Jacobs. Her work has received numerous awards and honors, including the Kingston Prize, the Portrait Society of Canada, the Artist Magazine, and International Artist Magazine, among others.

?She won the William Bouguereau Best of Show Award, and first place in the drawing category at the Art Renewal Center Salon, the Best of Show in the “Inspiring Figures” exhibition (Butler Institute of American Art) and an Award of Exceptional merit at the Portrait Society of America’s international competition. She is a member of the Portrait Society of Canada, the Portrait Society of America, and has been selected as a Living Master by the Art Renewal Center.

Marina Dieul
is represented by the Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale Arizona, the Marine Art Gallery in Marblehead, Massachussett, Obsidian Art Gallery, Stoke Mandeville, UK and BeinArt Gallery, Brunswick, Australia.

Artist lnterview:

Name: Marina Dieul

Age: A bit more than I used to.

Birthday: During summer.

College: École des Beaux-Arts in France.

Colour: I don’t like to think in terms of unique colors, I generaly think about color harmonies. Some color harmonies can move me to tears.

Book: I particularly love books from Oulipo members.

Food: Any food that is shared with great people.

Quote: Technically the glass is always full: 1/2 water and 1/2 air.

For how long have been in art? How did you start?
I don’t remember a time where I haven’t been in art. I probably spent much more time during my childhood creating things than playing with other kids. It eventually happened that I became a professional artist… Actually I never envisioned a different possibility to make a living.

How would you define yourself as an artist?
I’m a realist painter, particularly fond of trompe-l’oeil, and animal portraits.

Would you tell us some things about yourself? Please include a few little known facts about you as well.
I studied at l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in France, unfortunately, they were focusing on conceptualism, and I quickly understood this wasn’t something for me. At this time, it was almost impossible to find a school focusing on realism in France so I taught myself, year after year, by copying old masters. Eventually in 2008 and 2010, I studied at Studio Escalier in France with Tim Stotz and Michelle Tully, two former students of realist painter Ted Seth Jacobs. That’s the best investment I ever did!

For my animal and human portraits, I use a mix of live models, photography, sketches, built models, imagination and memory. My little mice series was born after a mouse invasion, I quickly envisioned a BIG series of 10 painting! ( That sounded a lot at this time) I’m going to celebrate number 300 soon, and I’m proud to say that except few recent ones, they all found a home from Hong Kong to New York, from Italy to New Zealand: my mice’s world invasion is falling into place.

Recently more cats appeared in my work: we became a foster family for a non kill local shelter, and this is sometimes a bitter-sweet experience (much more sweet than bitter though).I feel the need to portray some of our little rescued cats to celebrate some beautiful encounters.

Where do you find inspiration? Everywhere. I must slow down my creativity because I have to many projects. That’s also a reason why I like painting series: the next painting is inspired by the previous one, it’s interesting to push a concept much further than I first thought. I have always enjoyed the company of animals, and I discovered that I like to paint mostly organic forms ( forms you can find in the natural world in opposition to the forms manufactured by humans) That said, I find that painting still lifes or trompe-l’oeil with objects taken from nature is very boring in comparison with all the storytelling, the poetry and the humor you can include in a composition with living creatures.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?
I’m not really trying to communicate something, I need to create, I can’t live without creating art ( I know it because I have tried). My subjects, animals and humans are generally used as symbols, but I don’t want to impose a meaning to the viewers: a good painting is a painting in which everyone will find his own meaning. Beauty, happiness, poetry and contemplation are important for me, I’m just happy to paint, happy to be surrounded with beauty. The joy of being able to give life to beautiful creations is immense.

What does “being creative” mean to you?
I don’t even imagine living without being creative. Creativity applies to every aspects of life.

Any shows, galleries, or publications where our readers can find your work?
I’m represented by the Legacy Gallery ( Scottsdale AZ, USA), the Marine Art Gallery ( Marblehead, Massachussett, USA), Obsidian Art Gallery (Stoke Mandeville, UK) and BeinArt Gallery ( Brunswick, Australia). Current show: “Fauna” Abend Gallery (Denver, CO, USA)
Upcoming show: ” a celebration of contemporary trompe-l’oeil ” in June 2018 at Robert Lange Studio ( Charleston SC, USA)

How do you cultivate a collector base?
Mostly social medias.

Which is your most cherished piece?
The next one.

If you had an exclusive collective exhibition with other artists work, who would you choose?
Probably Dutch and flemish still life masters, these days they are my favorite over everything else.

What do you see as the strengths of your pieces, visually or conceptually?
I’m doing my best to develop each aspect of my work, from the concept to the final packaging with the same perfectionism.

What aspect of your work do you pay particular attention to?
I pay equal attention to every aspect of my work, however my favorite parts are the conception stage, and the final painting touches.

What Role does the artist have in society?
The most useless and essential role at the same time.

What is your most treasured memory?
One dear memory among hundreds of others is my morning commute when I was going to school by boat in Bretagne ( France’s west coast) I remember those quiet times, watching the sun rising on the sea, taking mental notes of those floating colors to reproduce them later with my little watercolor set.

What for you is the most enjoyable part of your art?
The next piece. I’m alway very excited to discover what will come next!

What famous artists have influenced you, and how?
I’ve been influenced by too many artists to name them: as a child, teenager, and young adult I spent countless hours visiting museums mostly in France and Italy. ( Not only in Paris, Rome and Florence, but every medium to small town seem to have some great smaller art museums as well) I’d say the 2 main art periods that influenced me strongly are the Italian Renaissance, and the Dutch- Flemmish 16th – 17th century… I discovered the Trompe-l’oeil genre in my early 20ies, and got my first trompe-l’oeil commission at this time. The love of trompe-l’oeil never left me.

What other interests do you have outside of art?
Emmm, does sculpture, etching, photography ( etc…) count?

Some short questions now:

more Colours: Yes please!

Textures: Cat fur.

Define your art: Art that bring smiles.

How would your life change if you were no longer allowed to create art?
I would have time to try all the crafts possible!

What do you think about the art community and market?
North American artists are particularly lovely and positive people who share their knowledge generously. I’m grateful to have some wonderful collectors around the world, some became good friends over the years.

Define ‘Klassik Magazine international’ for the audience? Sublime!


-2016: International Artist Magazine: 2nd place, Favorite subjects.
-2016: Finalist Art Renewal Center 2016 ARC Salon.
-2016: Richeson 75: 2nd place, small works competition.
-2015: Collection Beaux-Arts Réalistes, painting competition: First place + Honorable mention.
-2015: 6th place, Outside the Box category, Members Only Competition, Portrait Society of America.
-2015: 3 works finalists, Art Renewal Center 2015 ARC Salon.
-2015: Collection Beaux-Arts Réalistes, painting competition , 2nd prize ( Judge: Max Ginsburg)
-2015: 3rd place RankArt competition.
-2014: Selected as a Grumbacher Featured Artist.
-2014: Collection Beaux-Arts Réalistes, drawing competition 2nd prize ( Judge: Michael John Angel)
-2014: 2nd place Portrait category, The Artist Magazine
-2014: Raymar Art Competition annual winner
-2014: Art Renewal Center Salon: Purchase Award, Honorable mention + 6 works finalists.
-2014: Collection Beaux-Arts Réalistes, 2nd prize
-2014: Boldbrush competition, Invited judge
-2014: Children’s Hospital Colorado Purchase Award, American Art Invitational, Saks Gallery
-2014: Certificate of Excellence, Portrait Society of America’s International competition.
-2014: Public’s choice Award, Kingston Prize, Calgary.
-2014: 6th place, Members only competition, Portrait Society of America.
-2013: Best of Show BoldBrush Painting Competition ( April)
-2013: 3rd Place in the Imaginative Realism category, and Purchase Award, Best trompe-l’oeil Award, Honorable mention in the
Animal category, + 3 works finalists, Art Renewal Center 2012/2013 ARC Salon.
-2013: Award of Exceptional Merit, and Best Portfolio Award, Portrait Society of America’s International competition.
-2013: Finalist The Artist’s Magazine 29th Annual competition.
-2013: 3rd place in the Wildlife competition, International Artist Magazine.
-2013: First Place (Oil) All Media Competition, the Artist Magazine.
-2013: 3rd place BoldBrush Painting Competition ( February)
-2013: 2nd place in the People & Figure competition, International Artist Magazine.
-2013: 2nd place, Members only competition, Portrait Society of America.
-2012: Best Portrait Award, Portrait Society of Canada competition.
-2012: 2nd Place Richeson 75, Animal competition.
-2012: Honorable mention, The Artist’s Magazine 28th Annual competition+ 4 paintings finalists.
-2012: 2nd place BoldBrush Painting Competition ( October)
-2012: Selected as an ARC Living Masters, Art Renewal Center.
-2012: Award of Exceptional Merit, and Best Portfolio Award, Portrait Society of America’s International competition.
-2012: Public’s choice Award, Kingston Prize, Drummondville
-2011: People’s choice Award, Portrait Society of Canada, Toronto, ON.
-2011: Finalist in the People & Figure competition, International Artist Magazine.
-2011: Honorable mention, Members only competition, Portrait Society of America.
-2011: 2 paintings finalists The Artist’s Magazine 27th Annual competition.
-2011: Second Place in the figurative category, Honorable mention in the still life category, + 5 works finalists, Art Renewal Center
20010/2011 ARC Salon.
-2011: Certificate of Excellence, Portrait Society of America’s International competition.
-2010: First Place, “Outside the Box” category, Portrait Society of America’s members only competition.?
-2010: Best of Show: Raymar Art December competition finalist.?
-2010: Best of Show, “Inspiring Figures” Butler Institute of American Art.
-2010: William Bouguereau Best of Show Award, and Purchase Award, Art Renewal Center 2009/2010 ARC Salon
-2010: 3rd place BoldBrush Painting Competition.
-2010: First place Drawing category, and Purchase Award, Art Renewal Center 2009/2010 ARC Salon
-2010: Top 100 finalist Art Renewal Center 2009/2010 ARC Salon?
-2010: Honorable mention, and Jury’s top 50, Greenhouse Gallery’s
2010 Salon International
-2010: People’s choice, Kingston Prize, Art Gallery of Calgary, Calgary, AB.
-2010: People’s choice, Kingston Prize, Waddington Auction House, Toronto, ON.
-2009: First prize, Future vision category, Masterpiece Elite Salon Contest.
-2009: December Finalist Raymar Fine Art Competition.
-2009: November Finalist Raymar Fine Art Competition.?
-2009: Invited as Judge , Pastel Society of Eastern Canada.
-2009: People’s choice, Kingston Prize, Wolfville, Acadia University Gallery.?
-2009: People’s choice, Kingston Prize, Kingston, Grand Theatre.
-2009: First place, Pratique des Arts Magazine.
-2009 : finalist Portrait and Figure category, The Artist’s Magazine 26th Annual competition.
-2009: Jury’s top 50, Greenhouse Gallery’s 2009 Salon International.
-2009: Honorable Mention + 4 works Top 100 Finalists Art Renewal Center 2008/2009 ARC Salon
-2009: Fine Art Connoisseur Best of Show Publisher Award, in the IGOR juried exhibition.
-2009: Grand Prize in the Portrait and Figures competition, Canadian Brushstroke Magazine
-2008: Second place, International Competition, Portrait Society of Canada, Toronto.
-2008: Finalist in the People & Figure competition, International Artist Magazine.
-2008: « Somme » is chosen to be published in the North Light Books publication : Strokes Of Genius 2 .
-2008: Finalist in the Canadian Brushstroke Magazine « All about light » competition.
-2008: Finalist in the Still Life category, The Artist’s Magazine 25th Annual competition.
-2008: Selected in the Cecilia Beaux Forum ( PSA) mentoring program .
-2008: Conference scholarship award, Portrait Society of America.
-2008: First prize, People and Life category, Masterpiece Elite Salon Contest.
-2008: Invited into the International Guild Of Realism.
-2008: Finalist in the Art Renewal Center’s International 2007 ARC Salon.
-2007: Invited as honorary member in the Gallery of Drawing Masters, Drawing Society of Canada.
-2007: Finalist in the People & Figure competition, International Artist Magazine.
-2007: Grand Prize, Junction Art Festival, Toronto.
-2007: Finalist Portrait and Figure category, The Artist’s Magazine 24th Annual competition .
-2007: Two trompe-l’oeil finalists, still life category, The Artist’s Magazine 24th Annual competition.
-2007: Finalist Kingston Prize, Canadian Portrait Competition.
-2007: First Prize, dry media category, Richeson Portrait and Figure Competition. Juror: Everett Raymond Kinstler.
-2006: Honorable mention, International Competition, Portrait Society of Canada, Toronto.