October 26, 2015 by Laura Gomez


Cosmetics of wild herbs and flowers
Wild Harvested Herbs

Due to its extreme conditions, Siberia offers the world plants with unique health and beauty benefits such as can hardly be found
anywhere else in the world. To survive Siberian herbs and plants synthesize highly protective active ingredients and have extraordinary antioxidant properties.
Thus, thanks to its amazing power and vitality, Snow Cladonia remains green even under the snow when the temperatures drop down to -50C.
It contains a unique form of usnin acid, which is believed to work magic on skin, actively restoring the cells and effectively slowing down the aging process.
Siberian Dwarf Pine still grows a centimeter every month despite of permafrost conditions on sparse and stony soil. Arctic Cloudberry, adapted to survive temperatures of -50C,
produces twice as much vitamin C as a lemon and Wild Altai Oblepiha contains the second highest source of natural Vitamin E in the entire plant kingdom.
Siberian Salvia is a natural medicine for the Taiga animals, whenever wounded they seek this magic plant to heal the soars of different kinds.
Natura Siberica use all these unique properties of Siberian plants to create cosmetics that will fulfill your skin with extraordinary vital power.