Olaf Heine: Hush Hush Photography Exhibition 20 April – 31 May 2018 IMMAGIS Gallery Munich Germany

January 30, 2018 by Laura Gomez


On April 19th 2018, the gallery IMMAGIS in Munich will open the solo exhibition HUSH HUSH by renowned photographer and director Olaf Heine. Some of Heine’s personally favorite portraits of musicians and celebrities will be on display, as well as a selection from his BRAZIL cycle, which was published as a book by teNeues in 2014. Since the late-1990s Heine has risen to become one of the most sought-after portrait photographers. Working primarily in black and white, he is known for his quiet images full of power and intensity.

From Coldplay and U2 to Rammstein and Radiohead, from Sting to Sportfreunde Stiller, Heine not only shoots countless photographs of prominent musicians, but also plays a key role in determining how they are seen around the world on LP and CD covers, tour posters, and in high- profile music videos.

Heine has also worked with top international athletes, writers, and Hollywood actors. Now for the first time in Munich, visitors can see his portraits of stars such as Oscar prize winner Jared Leto, Don Cheadle, Herbert Grönemeyer, Bret Easton Ellis, Snoop Dog, Bono, Anna Loos, and Thomas Kretschmann, in addition to portraits of athletes such as Philipp Lahm and Dirk Nowitzki, to name a few.

About Olaf Heine: Olaf Heine was born in 1968 in Hanover and studied photography from 1992 to 1995 at the Lette Verein in Berlin. He has since worked closely with numerous musicians and other artists, first in Germany and increasingly internationally after relocating to Los Angeles. Today,
Heine’s oeuvre comprises countless album covers, editorials, and international advertising campaigns as well as award-winning commercials and music videos. His photographic works have been published in the photo books Leaving the Comfort Zone (2008/Hatje Cantz), I Love You but I’ve Chosen Rock (2010/Hatje Cantz), and Brazil (2014/teNeues). Heine’s commissioned works have appeared in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, Stern, Musikexpress, Elle, MAX, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Focus, and Playboy.

About IMMAGIS Fine Art Photography: The gallery IMMAGIS was founded by Kathrin Köhler in 2009 and specializes in contemporary photographic art. IMMAGIS stands for excellent, classic, and extravagant positions from the international photography scene; from the world’s leading photographers to promising young talents. Since 2016 IMMAGIS has been based in the Museum Quarter of Munich.

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