Patricia Burra

December 16, 2016 by Laura Gomez


Photo lnterview

Name: Patrizia Burra
Age: 55
Birthday: December 21
College: MQEP

Favorite Color: Red but in paintings and photography only.
Favorite Book: The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock by T.S.Eliot
Favorite Movie: The young Pope by Paolo Sorrentino
Favorite Food: “I’m very greedy and I love cakes and chocolate”

Favorite Quote: “ Do I dare disturb the universe? In a minute there is time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse”

For how long have been in photography? How did you start? I started early, I had about 20 years, so 35 years ago. I spent hours and hours in a small room that I had used as a dark room to develop the negatives (Ilford FP4) and print the photos that I had made. This wonderful experience is definitely one of the bases that still characterizes and influences the construction of my images.

How would you define yourself as an artist? I’m a crazy woman, so I’m a crazy artist too.

Where do you find inspiration? Clearly, I not try to represent the beauty at all costs, but rather insert or extol often dissonant elements that create a feeling of “uneasiness”, to attack the observer.The Inspiration? It depends on what I can read in a person. The emotions that this provokes in me will be the determining basis of the history and not vice versa. My artistic life is marked by a poem I read many years ago: “Love Song of Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot. Here, inside the text, there is everything. It is the story of a man who dares not, that does not have the courage to manifest itself in a woman. Prufrock constructed in a workmanlike an excuse for postponing action. He thinks: “There will be time … there will be time and in a moment I can only overturn the world.” But then he says: “Do I dare disturb the universe?” And in the meantime, in that long period of time that will inevitably spends, he realizes that his life is now winding down. What greater frustration of this? The character of Eliot was afraid, Prufrock would be photographed. He, the ideal subject with a life only imagined and irretrievably lost.

The dissonance is, for me, the imagination to give up the dream. The element that lives in an abstract concept, without time or peace.

Is Brainstorming not the only creative method use to create new concepts?
No. I’m hyper-individualistic in a creative environment and I usually sudden. The inspiration, in most cases, born after shooting. My stories are born by the person not from a basic concept. They are reluctant to prepare in advance a scenario. I create it later, after all the emotions and feelings I open the way to a concept. At this point I can tell a story.

Please could you tell us about photography and digital technology? Pure photography is the representation of reality, while the actual processing approaches to a concept that holds together both the imagination of the photographer that the person depicted. It is a symbiosis that crosses a boundary. I am fascinated by the image manipulation and is the part of my job that I love.

What type of camera do you use most? Phase One P 40+

What is your favorite lens? Schneider Kreuznach Ls 80 mm and 110 mm

What has been your most memorable assignment and why? Eh, this is an answer I can not give you. Each award is a great satisfaction. Get MQEP (Master Qualified European Photographer) was definitely one of the greatest.

What are your favourite three images you have shot recently?

How important is an awesome website for your business? The quality of your site is often a measure of the quality of your business and Displaying your work in categories is important too. Good photography is essential in creating a professional website for your work. I spend a lot of time curating my website’s content with Dreamweaver

What’s the most important quality a photographer needs to have? The quality I appreciate most in the photographers is to those who does not simply seize the instant, but that turns shooting a work of art.

Which of your projects has given you the most satisfaction? Donna Peixote.

The project was carried out in an empty house in Rotterdam. The setting,full of magic and history, led me to create images that evoke the dream.The huge windows gave off a perfect natural light to illuminate the subject and to give a mild prominence of light and shadow to the entire scene. The basic idea was to portray the characters as individuals dreamy, lost within their own imagination, in a ‘unique vision and shared the same space. I tried to turn on hopes of paving the way to the desires, to seize the soul hidden behind the eyes of my models. I went back and their children. Free, I never gave up and full of wonder.

List of your clients? Many newspapers or brand that require of my images for advertising purposes.

Who are the photographer’s you admire the most? Gregory Crewdson

The best achievement so far? Get precisely the MQEP and be part of the judges for sessions of the QEP and MQEP for the FEP (European Federation of Professional Photographers). Organize interesting conferences held by photographers of international fame, for the ‘non-profit association that I created: “Photography Masters Conference” (

What are your next projects? I’m creating a PRO_Vaccinations project. Immunizations can save your child’s life. Because of advances in medical science, your child can be protected against more diseases than ever before.This will be my message to those who don’t vaccinate. “The science is sound!”.