PIXAR 25 years animation Exhibition Caixa Forum Barcelona

February 26, 2015 by Laura Gomez

6 Feb -3 May 2015 Caixa Forum

In 1986, only a few experts had heard of computer animation.
A quarter century later, Pixar is a symbol of talent and innovation in animation.
Since the release of Toy Story (1995), the first feature film created entirely with digital effects animation,
Pixar Animation Studios has continued to produce animated films of great success, both box office and critical treasuring
26 Oscars and 7 Globes Golden.

The exhibition presents feature and short films that Pixar has produced its first 25 years,
and delves into the characters, stories and worlds created, key elements that John Lasseter, chief creative officer
of American animation studio, considered necessary for the making a good animated film.
Through this journey, visitors can discover the magical world of Pixar from drawings, storyboards,
models and digital installations. These works show the creativity and talent of the artists at Pixar
who work with both traditional hand -drawing media, painting, sculpture-like cakes or digitally.

The large number of artworks that create these human teams for each film rarely leaves the studio,
but the film which, once completed, goes around the world would not be possible without them.

CaixaForum – la Caixa
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