January 21, 2016 by Laura Gomez


Richard Orlinski is a French artist born in 1966 in Paris. Sculptor since 2004, he has surrounded himself with a team of highly skilled technicians. His works of art, designed around the concept “Born Wild“, testify to the essential values in a contemporary style, which never yields to the trash, to extravagance or ephemeral.

His works to a wide audience, including children fascinated with its iconic creations. Guest of honor at Art Elysées in Paris Art at the Artiferia Bologna, festivals of Cannes, Deauville, Cabourg …

In 2010, he ranked second contemporary French artist the most sold in France by Art Price and two of his works are among the 10 highest auctions of 2011. Richard Orlinski sculpts to sublimate reality and create living works of art, beautiful and timeless, that arouse emotion in the eyes of others. Deeply rooted in his time, Richard Orlinski mainly uses contemporary materials like resin and aluminum, but also marble, stone and bronze.

His work, conceived around the concept “Born Wild” in a style and with contemporary materials available for a large audience, including children. His creations act on our archaisms. His works are exhibited both at FIAC on the slopes of Courchevel and in 90 galleries worldwide Since 2011, he is ranked in the Top 10 of the best selling French artists in the world by Art Price. Art Price 2015 New Ranking Contemporary Artists: Richard Orlinski is ranked number 1 of the best selling French artists.


Artist Interview

Name: Richard ORLINSKI

Age: 50

Birthday: January 19, 1966

College: The Art School of Neuilly sur Seine

Colour: Red

Book: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Ken Kesey

Movie: Pulp Fiction

Food: Japenese

Quote: take the best fuck the rest

Why are you an artist, and when did you first become one?

I grew up in a family of art lovers so I discovered a passion for sculpture when I was very young (at the age of four). My family always encouraged me to express myself in what I really like and to keep learning about art in general. When I was a kid I started to sculpt, created 50 miniature elephants (30cm) made in Terracotta and I became the subject of a televised feature. After that, I knew sculpting would be a part of my life.

Could you tell us some more about your art?

I discovered the Pop Art movement quite young and took a passionate interest in the work of artists as diverse as Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rosenquist, César, erro and several others who provided the source of inspiration for my future work. Later I discovered a new generation of artists such as Jeff Koons, Richard Prince or Takashi Murakami, free and without complex, with whom I could identify through creation. I created a concept called « BornWild » representing animals. Im trying to sublime the reality of each animal I sculpt.

Could you tell us some more about your work?

I like to work with materials of my time. Especially Aluminium, Resin and Bronze. But I also like to try new things and improve my work using unusual and uncommon materials. I am trying to have my own universe working with as many different materials as possible (stones, marble, crystal, …).

I have several workshops in France even if the main ones are in Paris and Paris area. I am trying to work from everywhere and I am on my way to develop some new studios all
around the world.

How would you define yourself as an artist?

Im very passionate, humanist and I want my art being an art for everyone. I like to developp new things and to learn about new technics. I like to be where no one is expecting me.

What inspires you to work?

All the daily things. It can be my children, a movie, a book, something that I heard about, a trip, … I am very curious and open-minded and I try to be interested in all the new things. I don’t have any limits in my creativity. I just need to be enthusiastic by something to get new ideas. For me, Art is not only sculpture or painting. It can be universal and has to be approachable to everyone. Art can be cookery, poetry, even theatre. And I would like to create a footbridge between all these kinds of Art.

You seem to use a lot of symbols in your work. Do your works tell stories or are they simply decorative elements of the project?
What famous artists have influenced you, and how?

In each sculpture I have already made I tried to put a symbol telling a story. Nothing is there by random or only for decoration. For example, the Wild Kong Oil reject humans actions on earth.
The URSS superman (what if superman were born in URSS ) . The David has a D&G belt (you can understand Dolce & Gabbana OR David vs Goliath)

I already answered to this question above. (Warhol, Lichtenstein, Rosenquist, César, erro). Later I discovered a new generation of artists such as Jeff Koons, Richard Prince or Takashi Murakami.

What other interests do you have outside of art?

I like sports , specially soccer. When i was younger i wanted to be a professionnal Player. I like Music , and Cinema and fashion as well.

This is exact, I am very aware of the history of works. I like to understand things and discover why things have been made that way and not another one. Living in Paris is a chance for an artist because you have all the movies you want, photo exhibitions, theaters… I could not live in a small town.

I will never stop to create, even if it’s just for me. I need to keep creating art to feel alive. It became a drug . I really like the world of audiovisual so I am thinking about new projects in music, movie and 3D.