Ronit Baranga

November 9, 2017 by Laura Gomez


Artist Interview:

Name: Ronit Baranga

Age: 44

Birthday: 04/04/1973

College: Practical Arts Studies, Bet-Berl College, The Art School (HaMidrasha) Art History, Tel-Aviv University B.A. in Psychology and Hebrew Literature, Haifa University

How would you define yourself as an artist? The most important quality for an artist is passion, a state of a constant urge to make, create, and articulate all the time, in endless ways.

2016, “Israeli Ministry of Culture Award for 2016”
2012, “Juror’s Recommendation Prize” of 2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale
2011, “Honorable Mention Award” of 2011 China Kaolin Grand Prix Solo Exhibitions
2017, “Embraced”, Booth Gallery, NYC, USA
2017, “Mimosa Pudica”, The Red House, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2007, “Shells of Wings”, Raanana Municipal Gallery, Raanana, Israel
2001, “Abstract”, CeLight Israel, Rotem Industrial Park, Mishor Yamin, Israel



Why art? How did you get involved with art? I create since I remember myself. I have always painted, but only after I completed my university degree, I started studying in an Art College, where I was first introduced to the art of clay. Since then – I sculpt.

What art do you most identify with? Surreal Art

What does “being creative” mean to you? For me, creating is a necessity. Creating is an uncontrollable state of an unquiet being. Creation is an ambivalent state of an endless, unsatisfying search. Sometimes, I succeed in creating things which excite and balance my unquiet state – even if only for a brief moment. These moments are the essence of my existence as an artist.

What’s the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative? To continue creating again and again, despite the frustration, despite the void, despite the criticism (good and bad), despite the successes, despite the failures.

What are you trying to communicate with your art? My art makes people feel. Viewers of my work almost instantly react: they are either enthusiastic or appalled, but never indifferent. I hope that their reaction stimulates them to think about the ideas and content that’s derived from my art.

What do you see as the strengths of your pieces, visually or conceptually? Both

What themes do you pursue? Conflicting emotional states, contradicting feelings, complex relationships



What inspires you to work? I find inspiration in everything. I usually start working as a result of an irresistible impulse to create… with inspiration or without it…
But in general, I read a lot and try to be exposed to many different fields of knowledge that interest me. My university level studies include psychology, literature and art history.
I constantly consume art and hope this enriches my conceptual thinking and helps me create interesting, accurate art.

Colour: I love them all!

Book: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov

Movie: Spirited Away
Howl ‘s Moving Castle

Food: Any good food ??

Can we talk a bit about your process at the beginning of a project? How do you conceive of it? How do you build it in your mind before you start? When I start a new work, first I imagine it and then I sculpt it. I don’t do sketches or models. Mostly at the end it looks like I imagine it at the beginning. I love to work with clay. What I find most fascinating about sculpture is the physical creation, feeling the material with my hands. This is why hands, as a sculpting object, are a major part of my sculptures. I love the unlimited options and variety of techniques available with clay. For example, I combine hand sculpting with clay molds, wheel throwing and slabs in one work. Clay is an amazing material which enables me, as an artist, to create whatever comes to mind, with minimal limitations and in the convenience of my personal studio, working on my own.

What Role does the artist have in society? I am not sure. As I see it, I do not create as a social role. I create due to an inner urge to do so. I am happy that many people are touched by my work.

Do you suffer for your art? No, I do not suffer for my art. Although, the creation process is difficult, frustrating, intimidating and only sometimes – even satisfying.

What do you think about the art community and market? I am an independent artist. Always was.

Should art be funded? Why? A society without art is a flawed society. As making a living from art is very difficult, I think funding is sometimes necessary, but only if it does not interfere with the artists’ concepts.

What famous artists have influenced you, and how? I consume many different forms of art – literature, dance and figurative art. I do not have a specific artist that influenced me.

What other interests do you have outside of art? I try to read as much as I can and take local trips in the nature reserve next to my home, but the truth is that between my obsession to work in the studio and spending time with my family, I don’t have much time left for anything else.

You seem to be very aware of the history of works. Where do you see films, photo exhibitions, art performances today? I see a lot of art on the internet, in museums and galleries – in Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Berlin, Venice Biennale…

How would your life change if you were no longer allowed to create art? Not an option.

Some short questions now…

Colours: All

Textures: All

Describe your style: Define yourself:… I sculpt in a figurative realistic style

Define your art: Figurative art on the border between living and still life

Art Fairs: Participated in Fresh Paint Art Fair Tel-Aviv #8 and #9

Museums: Exhibited in:

Akron Museum of Art, Akron, Ohio, USA
Triennale Design Museum, Milan, Italy
Great China Museum, Jingdezhen, China
Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, Southern Taiwan
The National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Yingge Ceramics Museum, Yingge, Taiwan
Haifa Art Museum, Israel
Eretz Israel Museum (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Cities: Exhibited in: New-York, Tel-Aviv, Barcelona, Milan, London, Yingge and more

Travels: US, England, Spain, Italy, France… Would love to visit the Far East

Mobile App: Instagram

What are your next projects? Solo Exhibition in NYC next spring, Solo Exhibition in Australia next September and
Fine Art Prints of selected works in limited signed editions

Define Klassik Magazine for the audience? A passionate international haute culture

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2017, “Small Works Group Exhibition”, Beinart Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2017, “BLIP 2017”, Arts Biennale, Quebec, Canada
2017, “Hana Orloff: Feminist Sculpture in Israel”, Mane-Katz Museum, Haifa, Israel
2017, “Fresh Paint Art Fair 9”, Contemporary Art Fair, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2017, “Woman to her Sister”, HerzLilienblum Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel
2017, “Gross Anatomies”, Akron Museum of Art, Akron, Ohio, USA
2017, “Rock Paper Scissors”, Arts Center, Haifa Art Museum, Israel
2016, “The Red House Opening Exhibition”, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2016, “Ceramic Perspectives”, Sant Pau Recinte Modernista, Barcelona, Spain
2016 “Israeli Creators
2016 “Hanina Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2016 “Quest”, Museum of Photography Tel-Hay, Israel
2016 “The 8th Biennale of Israeli Ceramics”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2016 “2016 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale”, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Yingge, Taiwan
2016 “Slideluck Tel-Aviv IV”, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2016 “Fresh Paint Art Fair 8”, Contemporary Art Fair, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2015 “Quest”,Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2015 “Dismaland”, Banksy’s Bemusement Park, Weston-super-Mare, UK
2015 “FRONTIER”, 14th Biennial of Ceramics, Andenne, Belgium
2015 “International Ceramic Triennial UNICUM 2015”, The National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2014 “Body of Works”, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2014 “The Feast”, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2013 “Consumption Basket”, Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2013 “2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale”, Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum, Southern Taiwan
2012 “KAMA. Sex and Design”, Triennale Design Museum, Milan, Italy
2012 “Santorini Biennale of Arts, 2012”, Santorini, Greece
2012 “2012 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale”, Yingge Ceramics Museum, Yingge, Taiwan
2012 “Hung”, Zamarin, Zichron Yaakov, Israel
2011 “China Kaolin Grand Prix for International Ceramic Art”, Great China Museum, Jingdezhen, China
2011 “Handle with Care”, Design Space Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2011 The 6th Biennale of Israeli Ceramics, “Ceramic Design: Techno.Logical Implementations”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010 The 5th Biennale of Israeli Jewelry, “Sequences; Identities”, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2010 “Plates”, Kfar-Saba Municipal Gallery, Kfar-Saba, Israel
2008 “Dining in 2015”, Macef Milano, Italy
2007 “Handled with Care”, Designers Block, London, UK
2007 “Ceramics for Breakfast”, Macef Milano,