RUQSANA BEGUM WKA World Muay Thai Champion & Sports Hijab Pioneer

March 31, 2017 by Laura Gomez


“I’m the current British & European Kick-Boxing & Muay Thai Champion, in addition to World Championship double bronze medalist and the current Number 1 World Title Contender. Through my success I’ve been honored to meet Her Majesty The Queen, was one of the Olympic torch bearers and have been voted Number 1 in the British Bangladeshi Power List as most inspirational person and have received a number of other accolades such as Asian Sports personality of the year and being short-listed alongside internationally recognized athletes such as Mo Farrah. In addition to the obvious attribute of fitness and good health, sport has also taught me about self respect and respect for others, working on my own initiative and working within the context of a team, physical strength and inner strength to overcome challenges and fears. I have been blessed to be fortunate enough to pursue my passion at a World Class level and I am grateful for the positive and life changing experiences sport has given my life. I wish to share this passion with others teaching them discipline inside and outside of the ring” Ruqsana Begum

RUQSANA BEGUM WKA World Muay Thai Champion & Sports Hijab Pioneer Interview

Name: Ruqsana
Age: 33
Birthday: 15/10/83

Food:seafood paella

Sports: thai boxing
Beaches:South Africa

What is Muay Thai kickboxing?
It’s s martial art that was designed as a war fare art which is now a sport.

How did you get into Muay Thai Fighter?
I was always very sporty and loved Bruce Lee growing up so when I turned 18 I found s thai boxing gym and my passion lead me to become s fighter.

Why you do Muay Thai Fighter?
I think as a fighter I learn so much about life and decepline and I love it.

At what point did you know Muay Thai Fighter was going to be more than just a hobby for you? When I was 24 I started training as a fighter

Ruqsana, you are the first sports Hijab pionner … could you tell us more please?
I designed a sports hijab to help more Muslim women participate in sport and not have s barrier. Faith meets fitness

What prizes have you won so far Ruqsana?
Im British and world Champion and gold medalist at the European.

What do you feel when you are in the ring? Im ready to fight the adrenaline pumps in.

Could you give some Muay Thai Fighter tips?
Always stay carm and focus on your next strick.

Which realtionship do you have with Adidas? I’m a global athlete.

What do you think you would want to be if you weren’t a Muay Thai Fighter? A nutritionist.

Which is more important in Muay Thai Fighter– a strong body, lower body, or ?
I think a sting mind first the body.

Describe your best experience? When I won my world title .

Do you ever fight outside of the ring? No

Who are the sportsmen or sportswoman’s you admire the most? Bruce Lee and Mohammed Ali

What do you want your viewers to take away from your work? It’s not how many times your knocked down but how many times you pick you self up.

Define Klassik Magazine for the audience? Cool!