October 25, 2015 by R A Z G O

Edited by Patrice Farameh
Design by Meiré und Meiré
Text in English
Hardcover in slipcase
19,5 x 24 cm, 384 pages
60,00 € | 85,00 $ | 55,00 £
ISBN : 978 – 3 – 942597 – 14 – 2



DAAB Verlag‘s ‘Second Skin’ sets your first skin tingling

The history of underwear begins roughly 2,000 years before the birth of Christ. If the experts have got it right, its shape, material, function and style reflects the cultural evolution of a society. The most gorgeous fact about it is this: lingerie is as delightful today as it has ever been. It emphasizes feminine curves, it conceals in order to arouse desire, it enchants and seduces not only men but women too, who are now wearing satin, silk, lace, and leather natural and patent, with greater self-confidence than ever before.

No one can resist the magic when these artworks of the sensual are presented so atmospherically. Exciting, romantic, extravagant and sophisticated lingerie catches every eye. These are creations by the most gifted designers in the world. Accompanied by pithy quotes from the witty and famous, they are predestined to set our associative pulses racing. Who wouldn’t want to be carried away by the fantasies these artists were inspired by? All of them have taken on the challenge of hidden allure with total commitment. Their designs fire dreams and desires, whether in the shape of a negligee or tanga, a corsage or a bustier. As Jean Cocteau once said, “the most beautiful garments are only worn in order to be taken off ”. Perhaps that is the true secret of their appeal?

Editor and lifestyle expert Patrice Farameh is interested in another question in this book as well – what is the attraction of lingerie for the woman who wears it? When does a woman feel erotic in her underwear? When does it inspire her sexually? What is it that lets loose the sensual power of these intimate little scraps of fabric? There is no clear answer. But one thing is certain: lingerie is only as sexy on the skin as its wearer feels within herself. And it is the wish to charge up that desire that compels and fascinates designers worldwide.

SECOND SKIN is a wildly exciting journey through the sensual realm of the fabrics dreams are made of. Male and female lovers of unusual lingerie will be guaranteed to find something for them in the 384 pages and 160 large-format illustrations in this book.