The POLI HOUSE by KARIM RASHID Opening June 2016

May 15, 2016 by Laura Gomez



Located on the crossroads of the Tel Aviv’s urban center on the historic Magen David Square, The Poli House is a 40-room luxury hotel harnessing the zeitgeist of Tel Aviv past, present and future. Housed in a meticulously restored Bauhaus architecture-style building, The Poli House features warm and clean yellow, blue, green and white interiors created exclusively by worldrenowned designer Karim Rashid, as well as a panoramic rooftop pool, sunbathing lounge, cocktail bar, restaurant and serene treatment rooms for solo or couple’s spa treatments. The Poli House‘s homage to 1930’s Tel Aviv, tech-savvy design elements, health and style-conscious amenities and proximity to the Carmel Market and Mediterranean promenade combine for an unwavering leisure-soaked property unlike any other in the White City.

“I tried to embrace the spirit, energy and love of life that Tel Aviv has to offer, into the hotel, turning an emotion into a tangible form: colors, graphics, and function of THE POLI.” KARIM RASHID designer of THE POLI

The intangible idea becomes the tangible form. Colour spectrums oozing with exquisite detail and intuitive foresight by designer Karim Rashid, created exclusively for THE POLI

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