The Salon Art + Design, Park Avenue Armory, New York ‘’ Cultural Diversities’’ by Ilia Sybil

April 28, 2016 by Laura Gomez


The Salon Art + Design, Park Avenue Armory, New York-‘’ Cultural Diversities’’ 10th-14th November 2016

You find yourself impressed upon entry in the Salon Design and Art Show at the Park Avenue Armory in New York mostly due to the variation and- at the same time -eclecticism of the exhibitors. No less than 55 Galleries showcasing work from Bauhaus favourites to meta-modern innovators. Zaha Hadid is represented by her “Liquid Glacial” series of chairs, whereas Otto Wagner, Henry Van De Velde, Koloman Moser and Gustav Serrurier Bovy are being represented by London’s Yves Macaux and Richard Nagy joined forces, just to name a few. The Salon is more about a creative dialogue between modern, post-modern and historical design than a typical art fair. The galleries showcased true curational talent in an eclectic manner. The Salon Art + Design is probably the Greatest Show of Art + Design under one room, featuring those 55 galleries with exhibits ranging, from furniture to fashion favourites. Speaking about fashion, New York-based gallery, Salon 94 proudly represents fashion’s eclectic Rick Owens along with pieces from Jayson Musson, Takuro Kuwata and Kueng Caputo.

This season’s highlight was, though, a strong reference to Art Deco aesthetics. Take Vallois Gallery-it presented work by Jean Dunand, Eugene Printz. Alain Marcelpoil and even some less known furniture of vAndre Sornay. Now, Larc en Seine gallery showed a greatcollection of Diego Giacometti’s bronze artefacts-crearly a chance to view and review them!

Milan-based gallery Nilufar participated in The Salon for the first time this year and presented works that ranged from Gabriella Crespi, Max Ingrand, Vibeke Klint, Angelo Lelii, Massimiliano Locatelli, Marta Mass-Fjetterstrom, Osanna Visconti di Mondrone, Barbro Nilsson to Gio Ponti embracing a modern view. Last but not least, London’s Connaught Brown gallery provided the opportunity to view Impressionist oils by Renoir and Monet along with more contemporary exhibits.