Virginie Schroeder

January 11, 2018 by Laura Gomez


‘My pieces are painted with acrylic paint, oil paint, tempera; I also use airbrushing. I always work with the paint technique used by the great masters: glazing. I make my own paints using hand-crafted recipes which allow me to master the colors I want.
Every painting is worked with its own effects, colors, and techniques, resulting in each painting becoming one of a kind.
Glazing allows for an unequalled transparency of colors; to see the colors superimposed and the effects thus produced is spectacular. I not only make my own paints but my mediums and some varnishes as well. Generally, I work my paintings with the brush, with the knife and with my fingers. Some pictures are worked with resins, others with multiple collages. The end result is structure and effects in relief. I innovate constantly and I am in a perpetual search for new effects and new techniques, all the while staying true to my personality. In many of my paintings, one can find collages of gold leaves, an old technique used in the restoration of masterpieces. In every painting, I combine the modernism of the subjects and the old methods of painting, thus adding to the value because each picture is a new creation.
A painting has to be unique and original to preserve its value. I am passionate about painting and its effects and I try to communicate it in my works. ‘

Virginie Schroeder

Virginie Schroeder is looking for vision unstructured, popular, singular, and imaginative. It is her goal to awake our senses in the search for her artwork.

Artist lnterview:

Name: Virginie SCHROEDER

Age: 41 Birthday: 13 – 04 -1976

College: FRANCE


Books: HARRY POTTER movie: a lot of thriller, comedie, fantastic

Food: vegetaria food

Quote: ” the art of painting is only the art of expressing the invisible by the visible ” Eugene Fromentin

For how long have been in art? How did you start? When I was child, I always draw and painted, When I was 16 old, I decide that painting will be my life How would you define yourself as an artist? I am an emotional and dreamy artist. When I paint, I need to feel strong emotions and dream

Would you tell us some things about yourself? Please include a few little known facts about you as well. I am an ordinary person who loves to paint, draw, discover, travel, animals. I love loneliness in my studio, the smell of my paintings, the music, my brushes I love the colors of the sunsets and the vanilla colors of the sky when the end of the day arrives I like to see ordinary things in a different way and dream about the unknown

Where do you find inspiration? I have to feel deep things for the inspiration to come I have to dream to paint I must feel the character I’m going to paint Try to discover the strengths and weaknesses because it is this mixture that gives beauty

What are you trying to communicate with your art? Virginie Schroeder sets the scene with lines, geometric shapes and circles to create works where the objects or the subjects are not visible at first. Her art is the result of a reflection and esthetical intuition imposed by the geometry of the shapes. Her art must intrigue, raise questioning and curiosity by the abstract personality of the work. One only needs to concentrate on a focal point, take a gentle step back and contemplate the detailed work. Most of all, Virginie Schroeder wants her art to be so rich of meaning that one must admire it for several minutes in order to understand it. To understand the work, the admirer must emotionally connect with it, contemplate it, open and concentrate all its senses, but more importantly live it. It is not enough to only feel the emotion of the work. What the artist want is the public to enter the piece and connect with its spirit.

The piece is designed to give a new artistic vision and impress the public trough its subtle but breath taking details. When a face, an animal, a landscape where any other theme is literally torn apart, it acquires a whole other shape, identity, dimension, and prestige. We learn how to understand its beauty as we admire it. This is when the magic happens. Our subconscious discovers a piece of art where the abstract is so rich and full of meaning that we can emotionally feel it and relate to it. Virginie Schroeder is looking for vision unstructured, popular, singular, and imaginative. It is her goal to awake our senses in the search for her artwork.

What art do you most identify with? Andy Warhol Keith Haring Jeff koons



Why do you do … what you do? I want paint something different, something emotionnal, something figurative and abstract, I love mixed colors together and see the result What does “being creative” mean to you? Creative means to me: always looking for new things, experiencing the material, being amazed by research and dreaming of a different world Never be satisfied because the search for a better result is stimulating

Any shows, galleries, or publications where our readers can find your work? Daniel peleg gallery in west bloomfield USA Arteria gallery in bromont Affordable art fair Milan Palm spring art in febuary AAF art fair London in mars Art market San Francisco Art club Paris Carre d’artiste New York……..

How do you cultivate a collector base? Yes. Designer,architect, compagny…..

Which is your most cherished piece? Marylin Monroe Each piece of Marylin is fascinating

If you had an exclusive collective exhibition with other artists work, who would you choose? Mr Brainswash Tristan Eaton ( His street art is amazing) Eduardo Kobra and Jeff koons

What do you see as the strengths of your pieces, visually or conceptually? The lines the mixed colors the visible and the invisible

What aspect of your work do you pay particular attention to? I pay particular attention to the composition of my subject, the shape of the lines, the feeling that one feels when looking at the painting and the mixed colors

What Role does the artist have in society? in society, the artist has the role of dreaming, to bring joy, love and happiness It also has the role of showing the interior beauty that we do not know to show us another world, a better world or the real world in which we live to make us see the world differently to send us unknown emotions to send us messages to teach us how to be better at all levels to teach us to go beyond and believe in the future There is so much to say that I would need a book

What is your most treasured memory? My artist life because It’s my dream every day

What for you is the most enjoyable part of your art? Be creative

What other interests do you have outside of art? Travelling, cooking, fashion, design, architecture

Some short questions now:

Art Fairs: 2018 : carre d’artiste Lyon France 2018 : 3 mars live painting nuit Blanche Montréal canada 2018 : du 8 au 11 mars Affordable art fair Battersea Londres
2018 : du 11 au 19 février Art Palm Spring USA 2018 : du 26 au 28 janvier affordable art fair Milan Italie 2018 : du 10 au 14 janvier : Los Angeles USA art Show 2017 : du 5 au 10 décembre 2017 : CONTEXT art MIAMI USA 2017 : du 2 au 5 novembre 2017 : SOFA Chicago USA 2017 : du 14 au 17 septembre : affordable art fair New York USA 2017 : live painting Nuit des galeries Québec City 2017 : le 8 juillet : live painting a toronto 2017 du 6 au 09 juillet : art market hamptons USA 2017 du 28 au 30 avril : art market francisco USA 2017 : Carre d’artiste NEW YORK SOHO

You seem to be very aware of the history of works. Where do you see films, photo exhibitions, art perfomances today? In canada because I Live near Quebec city In theater, internet, in gallery, in museum, in opera ……

How would your life change if you were no longer allowed to create art? It’s not possible my life is just my art and my husband I can’t live without my art

What do you think about the art community and market?
I love the art community because it’s very stimulating And Market it’s my gift for knowing my painting

Should art be funded? Why? Art should be financed because it creates a better world and opens the mind to different things It helps stimulate intelligence, share, be better art is unifying

Which of your projects has given you the most satisfaction? I did special projects on special request of client The most satisfying is to create what people dream of in their heads and to see them happy by discovering their paintings I love to see emotion and happiness on their face and in their heart

Who are the writer’s you admire the most? Alfred Hitchkock

What about architects and designers? Jean nouvel and Le corbusier for architect marcel wanders, philipe starks, jasper morrison

What else are you working on at the moment? Next projects? Frida Kahlo, Picasso, Van gogh,

Share something you would like the world to know about you? Art is a dream, a life style, a love, passion Art is my life

Define “Klassik Magazine International ” for the audience? Klassik Magazine International is the best international PR News Media magazine with an accurate online art gallery to know international artists, designers, photographers ….from modern and contemporary art, fashion to design, film, sports, travel and gastronomy!. Reading Klassik Magazine International I have the taste to discover everything you do, all the creators, all the exhibitions ….. Klassik Magazine International is for me a chance, a great opportunity to make known my paintings and my artistic approach and make me know a different art.

2007: Oktober 17, biennial event „ Plastic art exhibition „ Maiziere-les-Metz (France).
2007: November 3, painting autumn lounge in Talange (France).
2007: November 17, painting lounge in Mondelange (France).
2007: December 6, Exhibition „Artistic company of the railroad employees of Lorraine“ (France).
2008: June, Auction of the Work «Rêve artificiels de Venise», Auction halls Rossini ,Paris (France).
2008/2009: Permanent exhibition at the „Restaurant des Roches“ Metz (France).
2008/2009: Permanent exhibition, in the art shop La Galerie in GROSSROSSELN (Germany).
2009: Permanent exhibition at the Saint WALFRIED Restaurant in Sarreguemines (France).
2009: Permanent exhibition at the „Vieux Moulin“ Restaurant in Sarreguemines (France).
2009: Permanent exhibition at „Victor’s Rezidenz-Hotel“ in Saarlouis (Germany)
2009: April-June, Exhibition Shop „ Premier plan“ in Metz (France).
Drouot Quotation since July 2008.
2008: September International Lounge of Lunéville with participation of „Univers des Arts“ (France).
2010: July, Boulv’art in Montréal, from july 5th until july 11th, QC, (Canada)
2010: July 19th until july 25th, exhibition of Kamouraska, QC, Canada
2010: August 6th until august 8th, exhibition of Laval, QC, Canada
2010: September 1th until september 30th, exhibition in “centre Gérard Dallair” from “La Pocatière”, QC, Canada
2010-2013 : exposition permanentes galeries Beauchamp, galerie le Luxart, galerie le Caméléon