Yvonne Michiels

October 23, 2017 by Laura Gomez



In her art, Yvonne Michiels tells personal stories about beauty, emotions and mortality. She uses topical examples from modern society. This results in aesthetic, innovative portraits that are not only fascinating, but often also moving. Her works are characterised by the unusual techniques that she uses. As a result, they are surprising, continually revealing new dimensions and bearing a highly personal signature.

Deceptive perfection

Yvonne Michiels portrays highly fashion-conscious women who view the world with a confident eye. These women comply with the dominant ideal of beauty achievable through make-up, fashion and plastic surgery.

They therefore look perfect. But appearances can be deceiving. The perfect facades conceal feelings of insecurity, despair and vulnerability. As slavish fashion victims, these women suffer from the compulsion to strive for the – partially self-imposed – ideal image.

Beauty versus mortality

The observer is directly affected by the strong emotional charge of the pictures. Vulnerability is a major theme for Yvonne, and is a recurring motif in all her work. In her latest work, she examines this theme from the viewpoint of the threats she increasingly sees people around her struggling with. Yvonne subtly ‘projects’ the threats on to her models, emphasising the contrast between beauty and health, on one side, and decline and mortality on the other.

Artist Interview:

Name: Yvonne Michiels

Age: 50

Birthday: 24-11-66

College: design academy

How would you define yourself as an artist? Photo artist

Why art? How did you get involved with art? From a young age i started creating and i did ever since

What does being creative mean to you? Its like meditation it gives me fulfillment

What’s the best advice you ever had about how to be more creative? Not to stop too soon while creating a work

What are you trying to communicate with your art? Everyone is free to see whatever they want. but i hope that people feel some kind of recognition and connexion

What do you see as the strength of your pieces, visually or conceptually? My work is rather approachable

What themes do you pursue? vulnerability, beauty, mortality

What inspires you to your work? Everything close to me. either literally or figuratively

Colour: blackish

Book: books about arts and artist

Movie: Frida (Kahlo)

Food: Tapas

Quote: What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful

Can we talk a bit about your process at the beginning of a project? How do you conceive of it? How do you build it in your mind before you start? The footage is starting in my head. than i start taking pictures. a lot. Then i go searching for a model. Most of the time i find them on the street or at festivals. then everything comes together in my mac in a lot of layers.

What role does the artist have in society? i think art can make people laugh or cry. it can make them think or just feel(better)

Do you suffer for your art? Sometimes i struggle withe a concept. then i put it aside. sometimes its comes back in my mind sometimes not.

What do you think about the art community and market? It can be very commercial. But most of the time it gives me the opportunity to meet very nice and interesting people.

Should art be funded? Why? I think in larger projects yes. When its part of the community.

What famous artists have influenced you? Frida Kahlo

What other interests do you have outside of art? travelling, cooking, meeting friends

You seem to be very aware of the history of works. Where do you see films, photo exhibitions, art perfomances today? i love strolling in all kinds of musea. rijksmuseum. went to the metropolitan last week when i was in Ny

How would your life change if you were no longer allowed to create art? that would be terrible. creating is what i love so very much.

Colours: nature, but also vivid

Textures: screen, overlay, multiply

Define your style: modern figurative

Define your art: i try to tell stories about emotions beauty and mortality vulnerability

Countries: Spain

Travels: london, paris, ny spain, ibiza

Artists: picasso, frida kahlo, vincent van gogh

Music: coldplay, u2, chill out

Cars: 2cv, fiat 500

Drones: i like to try some time

Mobile app: instagram

Who are the artist’s you admire the most? my parents

What are your next projects? visiting ibiza and marrakesh for taking pictures

Define Klassik Magazine for the audience? International !

Luxury Fair Amsterdam,De KunstSalon 7-11 December 2017
Art Luxembourgh 30 November- 11 December
AAF Strassbourgh, 3 Cerises Sur Une Etagere 16-20 November 2017
AAF Amsterdam 2-5,De KunstSalon November 2017
AAF Battersea London,De KunstSalon 18-22 Oktober 2017
King Women at the Pen and Brush Gallery New York City 12 Oktober- 12 December 2017
Antwerpen Art Fair,De KunstSalon 5-8 oktober 2017
VT Wonen & Design Beurs Amsterdam,De KunstSalon 3-8 Oktober 2017
Contemporary Istanbul Villa Del Arte Galleries,14-17 September 2017
Pop-Up Art New York,Villa Del Arte Galleries, 1-28 August 2017
Solo Expositie Gallery van Dun Contemporary Art 20July-6 August 2017
Art Market Hamptons, New York, Villa Del Arte Galleries, July 2017
Art Laren, Laren, De KunstSalon, Van Dun Gallery Contemporary Art, 9-11 June 2017
Art Breda,Breda, De KunstSalon, 16-24 May
AAF Hamstead, London Hamstead, De KunstSalon, 10-14 May
Solo Expo Paris, Paris, 3 Cerises Sur Une Etagere, 29 April-13 May
Solo Expo, Atelier Yvonne Michiels, Aarle-Rixtel 9 April
AAF New York, New York, Villa Del Arte Galleries, 29 March 2 April
Art on paper, New York, Villa Del Arte, 2-5 March
Art Karlsruhe, Karlsuhe, De KunstSalon, 15-19 February
AAF Brussel, Brussel, De KunstSalon, 16-20 February
AAF Milan, Milan, 3 Cerises Sur Une Etagere, 9-12 February
Art and Design Centre, Palm Beach USA, Villa Del Arte Galleries, Continuously 2017
Kunst en Antiek Naarden, Naarden, Van Dun Gallery Contemporary Art, 25-30 January
Exposition Amsterdam, Villa Del Arte Galleries, January

Palm Beach Jewelry, Antiques and Design, Villa del Arte Galleries, December 2016
Art Karlsruhe, De KunstSalon, December 2016
Context Art Miami, Villa del Arte Galleries, December 2016
Luxury fare Amterdam, De KunstSalon, December 2016
International Art Fair Hamburg, De KunstSalon, November 2016
AAF Battersea London, De KunstSalon, November 2016
Solo Expositie Utrecht, De KunstSalon, November 2016
Woonbeurs Amsterdam, De KunstSalon, October 2016
AAF Amsterdam, De KunstSalon, October 2016
Houston, Villa del Arte Galleries, September 2016
Art Nocturne Knokke, Gallery van Dun Contemporary Art, August 2016
Cacao aan de Kade, De Nederlandse cacaofabriek, August 2016
Art Market Hamptons (USA), Villa del Arte Galleries, July 2016
Art Hamptons New York, Villa del Arte Galleries, July 2016
AAF London, De KunstSalon, June2016
AAF Hong Kong, Villa del Arte Galleries, May 2016
Art Breda, De KunstSalon, April 2016
Art Market San Francisco, Villa del Arte Galleries, April 2016
Art on Paper New York, Villa del Arte Galleries, March 2016
Art Karsruhe, De KunstSalon, February 2016
AAF Brussels, De KunstSalon, February 2016
Kunst en Antiek Weekend Naarden, Gallery van Dun Contemporary Art, January 2016
Realisme Kunstbeurs Amsterdam, De KunstSalon, January 2016

Solo Expositie, Gallery van Dun Contemporary Art, December 2015
Expositie, Villa del Arte Galleries Barcelona, November 2015
Classic Event Kortrijk, De KunstSalon, November 2015
London Battersee Art Fair, De KunstSalon, October 2015
Woon en Design beurs Amsterdam, De KunstSalon, October 2015
Art in the Yard, Helmond, October 2015
Boutique Hotel Ibizazen, Ibizazen, July 2015
AAF London, De KunstSalon, June 2015
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Art Breda, De KunstSalon, April 2015
Art Karlsruhe, De KunstSalon, March 2015
AAF Brussels, De KunstSalon, February 2015
Realisme Kunstbeurs Amsterdam, De KunstSalon, January 2015
Uilenburcht Expo Helmond, January 2015

1) Serie City Lights;
Barcadawn 120x120cm perspex on Dibond
2) Serie Fading;
Fading Time 120x120cm perspex on Dibond
3) Serie Fading;
In the Moment 120x160cm perspex on Dibond
4) Serie City Lights;
Paris 120x120cm perspex on Dibond
5) Serie City Lights;
Paris by Day 120x120cm perspex on Dibond
6) Cover: Fading Flowers Yellow


Copyright/ All rights reserved to Yvonne Michiels